10 dishes to Halloween in a hurry

10 dishes to Halloween in a hurry

Recipe 1

Put on a wooden stick for barbecue grape of the same sizeit is quite disgusting caterpillars in the Halloween spirit. Eyeimprovised (chocolate drops, raisins, peppercorns, or cloves buds). 


Recipe 2

The finished cupcakes can easily be transformed into cupcakes, decorating them in the most simple cream white (cottage cheese, whipped with cream and sugar, for example). Chocolate drops or melted chocolate to make eyes, mouthscary ghosts ready.



Witch’s broom on the holiday table? Easily! Salted sticksFoundation. As the bottom slice of cheese is cut from the bottom to about the middle in the form of fringe wrapped around the straw. Ropea sprig of shnittonions or dill. Flew?


Recipe 4 

Scary faces that you can eat? Easily. Take pita bread, cut him a bunch of circles, half of them cut through the eye and terrible evil mouths. On the whole slices put the slices of cheese, cover the cut out parts, hiding for half a minute in the microwave and it’s done great «sandwiches»-French toast, are very nice to eat. Scary nice!


Recipe 5 

The vampire cocktail is the best treat on Halloween. All you need to buy disposable syringes and fill them with something red- for example, in «Bloody Mary» or even regular pomegranate juice. Bloody drink is what you need!


Recipe 6 

The easiest Halloween decoration – spider web. It is easy to draw using mayonnaise (salads or sandwiches) or thick cream (cakes or cupcakes). Aerobatics – «painting» with ketchup or glazed balsamic vinegar, melted chocolate or butter cream.


Yeast dough very easy to roll out in the form of ghosts. Lubricate it with sour cream, sprinkle with grated cheese — the pizza is almost ready. Was left after baking to finish the eyes are the ketchup to help you.


Recipe 8 

Peel some pears, boil them in white wine, set on a plate, chocolate, draw the eyes and mouthdelicious ghosts ready. Fast and quite scary.


Recipe 9 

Buy lots of oranges, cut off the hood, remove the pulp (juice – a great solution), the resulting «cups» cut the eyes and other details, to make vile and disgusting face. Then prepare any salad, fill them with orange plate and serve. Very much in the spirit of the holiday!


Recipe 10 

Shopping bags with juice (200 ml) wrap toilet paper or masking tape, draw scary eyes and mouths openthe mummy is ready, you can celebrate.


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