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Presenting the all-new superfood- the cockroach milk!! Feeling disgusted? Let’s explore more about this much recommended and sought-after protein thrust.

It has been keenly observed that a specific kind of cockroach known as Pacific beetle cockroach lays almost a dozen of eggs. Surprisingly, the Pacific beetle cockroach is able to produce quite remarkable food for its offspring. That particular supplement is the source of cockroach milk.

Numerous researches have suggested that cockroach milk can be consumed as an alternative to dairy milk. It has got plenty of supplements that are believed to be quite effective in nourishing our body. Just have a glance at the benefits of having cockroach milk.

Cockroach Milk a New SuperFood

  1. Energy Booster :

Cockroach milk is revered as a protein-packed booster that is effective in providing energy. According to a recent case study, cockroach milk possesses four times more vitality as compared to cow’s milk. That’s why it is been used now-a-days as a substitute of dairy milk.

A unit of researchers have discovered that the protein crystals of milk that is been found inside a cockroach are seriously laden with healthy benefits. It makes them as a complete food.

  1. Loaded with Protein :

Cockroach milk is known to be an excellent source of protein. It is been noticed that in the body of the mother cockroach, the crystals are developed. Soon after the cockroach embryo intakes the liquid, those crystals develop and get stuck with protein. These crystals are formed due to the presence of amino acid and protein and glucose in it.

  1. Rich Source of Vital Nutrients :

There is a buzz lot around about the cockroach milk supplements. It is believed that this milk contains tons of vital nutrients that are very much beneficial for the human body.

Although it is mentally disgusting to drink the cockroach milk, it’s of much benefit for relieving the stomach.

  1. Effective for Combating Greenhouse Gases :

It is known to everyone on earth that how much disruption can greenhouse gas emissions cause on this planet. The dairy production has been adversely reputed with the reason being faced with the difficulty of digestion of cow milk. The environment gets intoxicated with greenhouse gas each time when the cow burps.

Since cockroaches do not burp, it has the potential to diminish the environmental toxins.

  1. Excellent Substitute for Dairy Milk :

Dairy milk or products of it are said to cause indigestion. Cockroach milk can be a useful alternative for dairy milk, be it cow milk or buffalo milk. Cockroach milk won’t cause any harm to the stomach, it is inherently beneficial for our health.

There is a lot of in-depth research on the way to explore the anecdotal benefits that the cockroach milk has to offer us. Till then there abundant options of availing the nutrition of other dairy products. It is deemed that in near future it would no more be a drink of bizarre.

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