Tartlets with spicy cheese cream

Tartlets with spicy cheese cream


300 g ready puff pastry;
200 g cream cheese;
100 g of any cheese with blue mould;
BlackBerry on the number of tartlets;
20 g butter.


Ready-made puff pastry thawed, roll out slightly further. Molds for baking cakes or tartlets lubricated with a thin layer of butter. Turn the molds upside down, put to the test and cut the workpiece. Raise, turn your fingers slightly and the dough on the sides and the bottom so that it is well and evenly formed. Fill tins peas (small beans, soy) and put in preheated oven. Bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes – make sure the dough doesn’t stick. Leave to cool completely in tins, then delicately remove the finished tarts. With a fork mash the blue cheese, add cream cheese, whisk all the blender. If necessary, add salt. Fill tarts with cream and decorate each basket with blackberries.


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