The netizens who are fitness freak are very well aware of the anecdotal benefits that apple cider vinegar provides. The uses and advantages of apple cider vinegar claimed through the internet is so much thought-provoking that every fitness freak individual are going to give it a shot. ACV (apple cider vinegar) is not merely an internet sensation, it surely has got some proven health benefits. Some of the health benefits – its do’s and don’ts are mentioned below.

Origin of Apple Cider Vinegar:

The term “vinegar” is derived from the French phrase “vin aigre” which literally means a wine that is sour in taste. The presence of sourness is due to the acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar. The process of fermentation takes place in apple. The yeasts present in the apple imbibes the sugars and alters it into alcohol. A bacteria named acetobacter then eventually converts the alcohol into acetic acid.

Health Benefits:

  1. Essential for Weight Loss :

ACV has been able to make its position in the limelight as it is been very much recommended by the fitness gurus and health professionals to intake a meal that includes apple cider vinegar.

A plethora of case studies suggest that consuming mere two tablespoons of ACV every day at an empty stomach will definitely reduce weight in due course of time. ACV is helpful in losing weight with no substantial changes in diet or lifestyle.

  1. Controls Blood Sugar Levels :

ACV is well-known to aid in regulating normal blood sugar level.

A research stated that intake of ACV on a regular basis was found to be beneficial in lessening the high blood sugar by 31% on an average.

ACV is also helpful in enhancing insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the functional hormone that is accountable for carrying the sugar from the blood to the tissues where it is utilized as fuel.

  1. Regulates Cholesterol Level :

Patients of high cholesterol experience a kind of strain on their heart, that makes the heart work harder forcibly to push the blood all over the body. ACV is beneficial to support heart health by controlling cholesterol levels relatively low.

  1. Rejuvenates Your Skin :

ACV, not only impacts on the internal health, but it has also proven benefits to treat acne and diminish scarring as well. Formation of bacteria contributes to the growth of acne. ACV is believed to be essential to combat acne as it possesses antibacterial qualities.

Add acv to your face mask to avail the benefits and get a glowing skin naturally.

  1. Lessens Blood Pressure :

The main reason that triggers the risk of heart ailments is high blood pressure. When the heart beats harder and faster, it causes to deteriorate the heart muscle and aggravate in due course of time.

ACV enhances your blood sugar levels, helping to maintain the heart healthy and strong.

  1. Pacifies Sunburns :

ACV is an excellent natural home remedy to heal the sunburns. Just add a half cup of ACV along with a 1/4th cup of coconut oil. Put a few drops of any essential oil (preferably lavender oil). Apply it on your skin. Have a lukewarm bath and get relief from sunburn.

  1. Combats Fungal Infection :

Fungal infections are absolutely a nuisance for anyone. There are a variety of fungal infections like athlete’s foot, yeast infection, toenail fungus, etc. ACV is effective for all these infections.

Make an antifungal spray with acv. It will help to reduce the symptoms and give you relief.

  1. Anti-Poisonous :

ACV can be used to heal and soothe an itchy poison ivy rash. Since acv possesses potassium, it will help to lessen the puffiness that is inherited from the poison ivy.

Apply a tablespoon directly on to the affected skin 3 times a day until it is fully cured.

  1. Use it as a Natural Deodorant :

Body odor is a massive turn off. Formation of bacteria can lead to worsening of body odor. Due to ACV’s antibacterial properties, it acts as a wonderful natural deodorant.

Just dab a little amount of acv on to your fingers and apply it directly under your arms to neutralize the odor. Keep smelling fresh all day long!

  1. Get Shiny Hair With Acv :

Those who have dry hair, acv can be one of the best solutions to nourish it up. Rinse your hair with ACV after shampooing your hair. It eventually prevents dryness, brings a nice smell, keeps the hair shiny lustrous.

  1. Helpful in Reducing Acid Reflux :

There are many people who suffer from acidity. They have relatively low levels of stomach acid. ACV aids to enhance the levels of stomach acid to inhibit acidity and lessen symptoms of heartburn.

Intake acv half an hour before you take a meal. Dilute 1 tablespoon of acv in a cup of water and quench it up to combat acidity.

  1. Regulates pH Level :

ACV although being acidic in nature has an alkalizing effect on our body. Consuming a few tablespoons of ACV each day will regulate the pH levels to be balanced and optimize the health.

  1. Can be Used as a Household Cleaner :

Apart from health benefits, apple cider vinegar is also beneficial for the household. It can be used as a natural cleaner for household items.

Mix two equal parts of ACV with water and wipe off the items with a piece of cloth soaked in it. Due to its antibacterial properties, acv helps to fight the germs and maintains the house flawlessly.

  1. Helpful in Controlling Cold :

Those who frequently suffer from common cold and sniffles, they may use acv as a natural remedy to heal the symptoms rapidly. It helps to boost up the immune system.

  1. Stimulate Liver Detoxification :

Researches have suggested that acv plays a vital role in liver purification. The main function of the liver is to flush out the toxins present in the body. Apple cider vinegar contains healing properties which affects skin and blood and extinguish detrimental environmental toxins in the body.

Though apple cider vinegar provides many essential benefits but too much usage of it may be harmful. If consumed directly acv may deteriorate the tooth enamel. The tooth gets decayed over time. Too much of acv can also lead to low levels of potassium and osteoporosis.

One should be careful about the usage and doses of acv. There are both benefits as well as side-effects of acv, so be a smart user.

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