Chicken neck and chicken legs stuffed

Chicken neck and chicken legs stuffed


neck chicken and Turkey breast — 500 gr.
chicken liver — 150 — 200 gr.
heart boiled chicken — 50 oz.
semolina — 70 — 100 gr.
minced chicken — 700 gr.
egg 1pc
milk — 100 ml.
brandy — 50 ml.
salt, pepper, nutmeg

Method of preparation:

The minced chicken add milk, brandy, egg, 1 piece, salt, pepper, spices, semolina and mixed well.
Add the chopped chicken liver, heart and gently stir. Defrosted necks fill minced chicken, lubricating sour cream with a spoonful of sauce. And put in a preheated 150 * oven for 45 minutes.


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