Carpaccio of salmon

Carpaccio of salmon


400 g fillet red fish;
2 tsp of pesto sauce;
3 tbsp capers;
1 bunch fresh dill;
1 lemon;
3 tbsp olive oil;
salt and freshly ground pepper


The first thing to be cut fillet with skin, lightly RUB with paper towels, wrap with plastic wrap andfor 1 hour and put into the freezer. At this time, grate lemon zest, squeeze lemon juice, mix all together with pesto, salt, pepper and capers. Finely chop dill, add to the marinade. Dilute the mixture with olive oil. Take out the fish and slice it as thinly. Spread on a plate and liberally pour the marinade obtained. Again covering with cling film, and hide the fish in the fridge for 2-3 hours. For serving Christmas snacks on a large plate can be nice to put a green «cushion» of arugula, on top of which lay the slices of fish rolled roses. A mixture of cherry tomatoes, Basil leaves, thin slices of lemon snack will not hurt.


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