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After searching this style Scripts and finding none Free decided to create this little script and decided to release under license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Key Features: *- Easy to install and configure *- database does not require *- Advanced facebook publication (OpenGraph) *- Ability to enable and disable various rotators *- It works with javascript *- Adding new faucets very easy Requirements: *- PHP 5.4.41 *- mod_rewrite Future plans: *- Implement a management panel *- implement a system upgrade *- Add new coins *- implement system language *- improve the main design *- implement reporting system

*- implement system to add new Faucets

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WinCoins Faucet Rotator Script Web Site

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  • Some files missing - script do not work

  • missing some file, script not working

  • Design looks very nice BUT the site will never work due to missing folders, files and script. Also no usable "readme" and the "How to install" is in .pdf format which doesn't contain any usefull hints on how to use all the scripts. Although it doesn't work (yet?) it looks very promising. Hopefully a working version will be uploaded soon.

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    PHP, JavaScript
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    VirtualCoin - BitCoin Faucet Rotator

    Bitcoin Faucet Rotator is use to make a website combining referral links in cryptocurrecy faucets. It is a website that has a collection of bitcoin faucets. A visitor of the site can earn bitcoin by clicking the links in the webpage and the website owner can earn through referral earnings given by the faucets.

    Bitcoin faucet rotator script is an open source which you can use for free. If you know how to code you can add different kinds of altcoins and not only make bitcoin rotator. You can add bitcoin cash, bitcore, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin and blackcoin rotators as well.

    Working Demo

    To see a working demo please click here


    1. You need a domain name for your faucet and you can get it at namecheap. For only $0.48 you can have a domain name for one year. After a year you have to re-new your domain name.

    2. You will need a hosting website for your domain name. You can apply in x10hosting or namecheap or hostgator. If you want to avail 60% discount, you can have it in hostgator. We just applied to be an affiliate and luckily we pass. So if you choose hostgator and use our link here to go to their site the price is 60% cheaper. If you don’t use our link to buy hosting you wont get the 60% off.

    3. Faucet Rotator script. Download it Here

    4. Notepad++ – you can download it Here

    Step I

    Before you upload your script you need to edit it using Notepad++

    1. Open the script zip folder and extract it in any folder you want.

    2. Then open the folder where you extracted the script.

    3. Right click on the index.html and open it with Notepad++

    4. Update the information required and for your preference.

    5. Open 2.html and update the information.

    When your done editing index.html and 2.html, Open ro.js. Add your referral links to your bitcoin faucets that you like.

    Step II

    Setup and offer wall. When visitors on your rotator finished task on your offer wall you will earn percentage of what they earn.

    You can get it HERE

    When your done with your registration.

    Set up the percentage on how much will your commission.

    Copy the code, open offerwall.html in Notepad++ and change the iframe code with your code.

    Save everything, upload all files in script folder to your web hosting and you are done!

    Promoting Your Rotator

    Google forums that have bitcoin related topic and post your rotator link.

    Use Facebook by joining bitcoin related groups. I would suggest bitcoin related groups.

    Join Mellow Ads, you can earn 5,000-30,000 satoshi that you can earn from their faucet and use your faucet earnings to advertise your site. You can join HERE

    (Visited 1,738 times, 6 visits today) американский обменник биткоинов.

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    создатель биткоина сатоши накамото.

    Bitcoin faucet rotator script free download - SourceForge

    Bitcoin faucet rotator is very easy to make. You can also change how it looks. The fonts, images and the logo. The number of faucet links that can be place in the rotators is up to you.

    This is not only for bitcoin. But it can also be use to make other coin rotator using this script, like bitcoincash, bitcore, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin and blackcoin. If you prefer you can make it a multi crypto faucet rotator. You need a little coding skills for that. But for now we will install a working rotator for bitcoin.


    1. Domain Name. If you’re making a faucet you need a domain name. If you want free subdomain is fine also but don’t expect advertisers to advertise in your site. Domain name will only cost you $0.48 a year, so I think it is affordable for anyone.

    2. You will need a hosting provider you can use hostgator. We have a 60% discount in hostgator, you only need to pay starting at $3.98 per month.

    If you want other hosting provider you can look Here.

    3. Download the bitcoin rotator faucet script, login to your hosting account and upload it on your domain name using the file manager in the cpanel.

    4. Extract the files you should have the files above.

    Note: You now have a working rotator. If you type your domain address in your browser you can see that it is now opening but needs editing.

    5. Right click on the index.html file and then click edit.

    6. Change the information accordingly. The same with 2.html edit it by replacing the dummy text with your own.

    7. Open ro.js, right click and edit. Place your referral links but remember that the last referral link you’re going to place has no comma in the end.

    8. Now open your browser and type your domain address. If you want to change anything in your bitcoin faucet rotator just go to your file manager and edit the index.html and 2.html. If you want to add referral links just open ro.js and click save.

    Download The Rotator Script

    Working Demo

    (Visited 358 times, 6 visits today) калькулятор bitcoin тов.

    Bitcoinker - The Best Bitcoin Faucet Claim Every 5 Minutes!

    7th November 2016

    We have a sad news to announce: is closing. We disabled creating new accounts today. On 19 December 2016 we will disable our API, which means that faucets using will stop working. We will continue to handle withdrawals for owners and users until 16 January 2017. You have 6 weeks to update your faucets and migrate to other micropayments services. Remember that you have to reach the payout threshold to receive a withdrawal. Faucet owners will have to manually withdraw their coins in Dashboard before 16 January 2017. never operated with a fractional reserve. We have enough funds to withdraw coins to all users and owners with balance above the payout threshold.

    To ease the transition and give alternative to faucet owners, we released Faucet in a BOX update which adds,, and support. We will continue releasing updates of our faucet script in the future.

    Despite many efforts and great growth didn't turn into a profitable business and we're not able to sustain it anymore.

    We would like to thank all of our users, faucet owners and our whole community. You were great and supportive. We are very glad we could deliver you fast, easy to use and secure service. For many faucets are the first contact with cryptocurrencies and we believe that left a positive mark on this industry.

    Summarizing: If you're a faucet user, make sure you've reached the payout threshold before 16 January 2017. If you're a faucet owner, make sure you've migrated your faucet before 19 December 2016 and withdrawn all your coins before 16 January 2017.

    All the best, team

    block bitcoin mining ublock.

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