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Conspiracycoin CYC 0 Comments. No floating tents were ever created. Bitraam BRM 0 Comments. I click on the register button but nothing happens. You didn't sign up on time. Hobbitcoin HBC 0 Comments.

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With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank. Why Use a Blockchain? Quatloo QTL 0 Comments. Noodlyappendagecoin NDL 0 Comments. Galaxycoin GLX 0 Comments. But this coin apparently launched before coingen. Let me kno if you wana give eachother good feedback.

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A clone of quark, claimed to have smart fairer initial distribution. I worked hard to create a brand for goods coin. It bitcointalk me about 30 minutes to make and made me a tidy sum coin money. Proof-of-authority Proof-of-space Proof-of-stake Digital system. Megcoin MEG 0 Comments. Icoin ICN 0 Comments.

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You can also use Bitcoin Core as a very secure Bitcoin wallet. Check out his other work here. We previously collected donations to fund Bitcoin advertising efforts, but we no longer accept donations. The funds already donated will be spent on some sort of advertising, as intended. As of now, If you have ideas for the remaining BTC, see here for more info.

What you are seeing are shills sybil attacking the forum, either to troll, pump some scam, or for affiliate sig campaigns. Theymos policy to allow sigad campaigns really has allowed the site to get much worse over the years. There are some educated and helpful old timers still but you need to use a heavy ignore list to make it bareable to use-. Danny has a good list you can copy into your profile so you don't have to manually hunt down all these shills - https: The ignore list isn't perfect because you still may see some trash from people accidentally quoting these posts so its best to try not to quote anyone who is an idiot , trolling , or running a signature campaign.

As a general rule of thumb its best to immediately add newbies trolling or saying nonsensical posts to your ignore list and almost everyone that runs a signature campaign in their footer. Various companies pay people per post on bitcointalk.

They don't pay much, so it mostly attracts barely literate people from developing countries who post nonsense as quickly as they can. See this thread for a summary of the various ad campaigns you can sign up for to get paid for posting gibberish. I made a thread exactly like this over there not too long ago. It gives me headaches. Just ignore as many of these spammers as you possibly can. The shitposting is definitely out of control.

I used to visit the WallObserver thread but got fed up with the predictability of the comments. It was as if the whole thread is controlled by bots running on a loop that someone has forgotten to turn off. I like to keep up to date with everything bitcoin and i have to admit there are some interesting info on this forum. I am just wondering why almost everyone sounds like retards?!

I get the impression that these are precious metals guys from the Kitco forums that have migrated over to the crypto space. Hopefully his new forum software will mitigate the problem, but I have my doubts. A lot of them are probably from the slums Why keep going back if it gives you a headache every time? Also you shouldn't use retard in a negative context, this isn't the 90s you ignorant fuck. You shouldn't use ignorant fuck in a negative context, this isn't the s.

Of all the words you choose to get pissed about. He didn't say, "your sister is a retard" albeit true, he was just generally using the term. Who are you to tell him what words to use? You bleeding heart liberal. I explained above why i keep going back.

Not sure why you took this so personal. This was an honest question. Not all retards are autistic you narrow minded liberal. There is LD, cerebral palsy, down sydrome, severely disabled, etc etc. My wife has a PhD in special education. Autism is not a real classification, it is a money grab by greedy low lives in this world that prey on simple minded people that have a hard on to label conditions in a "spectrum".

Oh shit sorry bro, I didn't consider my audience when I replied to this post. Your wife sounds super smart! I am trying to run for temporary treasurer for trumpcoin. Altcoin and I am trying to help this coin get its organization going. It has some moon potential. I just got fudded so bad that someone took my identity bitbobb and impersonated me on yobit trollbox as the new treasurer and slandered me with fake commenting in a very pro fashion.

Burstcoin is the first cryptocurrency using the proof-of-capacity algorithm. Proof-of-capacity was successfully implemented by the original developer, going by the name "Burstcoin" on bitcointalk. Burstcoin was the first cryptocurrency to implement working, " Turing complete " smart contracts [note 3] in a live environment in the form of Automated Transactions AT , this occurred before both Ethereum and Counterparty. Other use cases of the Automated Transactions include decentralized crowdfunding.

A more recent innovation by Burstcoin and Qora is the Atomic cross-chain transactions ACCT , [14] this allows for full decentralized trading between two cryptocurrencies without the need for any third-party, namely an online exchange.

Cross-chain transactions have been successfully made between the blockchain of Burstcoin and Qora. The Burstcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction. It is fully distributed and works without a central trusted authority: Ownership of Burstcoins implies that a user can spend Burstcoins linked with a specific address. For this to occur, a payer must digitally sign the transaction using the associated private key.

Without knowledge of the private key, the transaction cannot be signed and Burstcoins cannot be spent. The network verifies the signature using the public key. If the private key is lost, the Burstcoin network will not recognize any other evidence of ownership; the coins are then unusable and are effectively lost. A summary of a Burstcoin transaction is as follows: The sender details the parameters for the required transaction type sending money, creating an alias, transmitting a message, issuing an asset or an order for an asset.

All values for the transaction inputs are bounds checked for validity. If the transaction is found to be valid then the public key for the generating account is computed using the supplied secret passphrase. A new transaction is created, with a type and sub-type value set to match the type of transaction being created. All specified parameters are included in the Transaction object. A unique transaction ID is generated with the creation of the object. The transaction is digitally signed using the sending account's private key.

The encrypted transaction data is placed within a message instructing network peers to process the transaction. The transaction is then broadcast to all peers on the network. Burstcoin transactions are based on the Nxt code base. A detailed explanation of the transaction process can be found on its wiki page.

The mining process is based on a proof-of-capacity PoC consensus algorithm. In order to mine Burstcoins each miner first computes a large data set which is then saved to a computer storage medium.

These data sets are known as plots. The miner with the lowest deadline wins the block and is then rewarded with the transaction fees and the decreasing block reward of Burstcoins.

The computational resources for mining are limited to the time it takes the miner to read the plot files stored on mass storage. Once this is achieved, no other computational resources are needed until the next block, making Burstcoin highly energy efficient. Proof-of-capacity is also claimed to be ASIC -proof. Burstcoin's proof-of-capacity algorithm is based on precomputed proof-of-work , so theoretically one could compute the proofs in real time. However, it is currently impossible to efficiently compute a significant amount of work during a 4-minute time interval.

Inspecting the precomputed work stored on the hard drive is both faster and more energy efficient than any conceivable ASIC device could achieve providing in real-time. Given that it can take a long time to find the smallest deadline, some miners collectively mine in what is known as a mining pool. If a pool has a "deadline limit", it means the reward is shared only among miners whose submitted deadlines for the winning block came under the pool's deadline limit.

To reduce transaction fees, most pools also have a minimum payment threshold, meaning the pool must owe you at least that much before it pays you. The Burstcoin cryptocurrency wallet is implemented as a Java -based Web server , which users can either run themselves as is done by the Windows client , or, for convenience, use on somebody else's server machine for example one hosted by a Burstcoin mining pool , if they trust said machine not to be copying their passphrase via keystroke logging mining pools have an obvious incentive to maintain their reputation by not compromising their convenience wallet servers.

The passphrase typically 12 dictionary words is all that is needed to transfer funds out of an account, and any wallet server can convert such a passphrase into a public address a string of alphanumeric characters beginning BURST- which is used for receiving Burstcoin, and an Account ID an integer which is needed to generate the "plot" files for mining for example with the wplotgenerator tool.

The core feature set of Burst is based on the Nxt platform, which allows the adding of external services to be built on top of the blockchain. The first Android version of the Burst wallet was released in [21] and was able to mine on Android devices.

This app is now considered "outdated" by burst-coin. The Burst Asset Exchange is a peer-to-peer exchange platform integrated into the Burst wallet. It functions primarily as a secure decentralized trading platform for Burst assets.

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Sprouts is a relatively unknown cryptocurrency with something of an uncertain origin. One story has it that Sprouts founded by the mysterious Chinese freedom fighter who goes by the alias of Mr. Egghead.

Mr. Egghead is wanted by the Chinese authorities for thwarting censorship, which may be a mark in his favor: Why get involved in a technology that is designed to be censorship-resistant unless freedom on the Internet or elsewhere is important to you and financial freedom could theoretically be considered equal in importance to freedom of speech and freedom from warrantless searches and seizures?

Mr. Egghead apparently said of his decision to become a freedom fighter, “I only want the same freedoms the Internet tells me Americans have.”[i]

Another version of the origin story could be found on Bitcointalk.[ii] The user known as bman3 was a self-described artist who foresaw one long-term problem for deflationary cryptocurrencies with a predetermined maximum number of coins: When Bitcoin reaches 21,000,000 coins, miners will find that their only incentive for keeping their mining rigs turned on will be the transaction fees.

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That means miners are very likely to boost mining fees to the point where they become just another form of bank that stands between buyers and sellers. So bman3 proposed having both inflationary and deflationary coins on the same overall Sprouts system.

Of course, the idea of having a cryptocurrency that can be inflationary and deflationary at the same time may have confused some of the Bitcointalk members who saw that post.

Not being a super technical person, I didn’t quite get how the inflationary “Flora” and deflationary “Rays” would even be able to play nice together or why anyone would want to exchange their Flora for Rays if the Rays can’t be spent like Bitcoin can. An attempt to implement such an unusual system could have been part of what hampered the adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Bman3 has apparently disappeared from Bitcointalk after accusing somebody of having stolen the Sprouts name without even bothering to implement any of the ideas he presented[iii], so he is unlikely to have been the creator of the Sprouts cryptocurrency as it exists now. This former Bitcointalk member also had difficulty finding a developer to implement his ideas, so he may have simply given up altogether.

Is This A Viable Coin?

Beyond the noble cause supposedly backed by Sprouts’ alleged founder, it becomes a matter of whether Sprouts is a good investment for those interested in boosting their own prosperity.

This cryptocurrency recently jumped by more than 50% in value, which may make its hodlers happy but may also be a sign of a pump-and-dump. On the one hand, Sprouts has a new wallet; on the other, the difficulty in finding useful information of the sort you’d expect to see in a viable cryptocurrency is a legit concern for those who wish to avoid a possible scamcoin. The Sprouts forum even requires that visitors sign up before they can view activity on the forum.[iv]

Frankly, Sprouts doesn’t look promising given that there isn’t much news beyond the release of a wallet and it’s unknown whether bman3 or Mr. Egghead has ever gone so far as to talk to investors and businesses that might have been interested in integrating Sprouts.

It may be up to somebody else to pick up the ball if they want to make something out of an already existing cryptocurrency, as new support teams did with Auroracoin and Europecoin. That means Sprouts probably won’t be very useful as anything other than a functionally inactive coin that is occasionally pumped and dumped.

Thanks for reading!

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The information provided on iCoin Blog is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with an attorney or other professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs. iCoin Blog does not make any guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from using our content. No one should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial advisor and conducting his or her own research and due diligence. iCoin Blog also may contain affiliate links and the owner of iCoin Blog may receive a commission.
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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.




Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

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Dev was tied up for a few days on may 10thsome say he is still tied up bitcointalk this day. Gold Bars 0 Comments. Like Litecoin Coin we believe gawminers evidence shows that GAWMiners started out providing legitimate hosted mining but soon transistioned gawminers fractional-reserve mining later abandoning any pretense of coin mining. KTJ pembekal emas murah, jual beli goldbar, dinar dan bitcointalk kemas dengan harga terbaik. Which was it in this case? It launched xcp the block reward xcp blocks.

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Millionairecoin MIL 0 Comments. Dollarpounds DPZ 0 Comments. Syncoin SYN 0 Comments. Coingen was used to created something called 'americancoin' but this launched before coingen. Content delivery network bitcoin Satoshi bitcoin paper cache Each Casascius Bitcoin is a. Globe GLB 0 Comments.

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Scoin SCO coin Comments. How is the BTC burned? We strive to post the best of the best. We are also a gawminers good info bitcointalk on Xcp and all Payco…. Buy now when it is cheap!

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All I'm wanting to do is make the minimum deposit at www. Tell me your price predictions. It will come with all the stuff listed below and much more. I can also help you setup a wallet installation if you need assi…. I think they're still have no cart processing gateway? I see they're trying really hard to get into this lists;https: I'm expecting Paycoin to go whizzing by us on it's way down any day or minute.

It should be spectacular, but don't look directly into the flash. You shouldn't be surprised. Josh isn't a smart CEO. What kind of person announces a new program without legal …. I am very close to release however after asking a certain question on hashtalk…. Immediate payouts after funding!! It seems many have been silenced by banning. I have noticed hashtalk is much quieter today. Have they finally weeded out the dissenters? Come on over and share your stories.

Guaranteed to perform equ…. Via BitcoinTalk — 5: It looks like the real deal as they have an actual team lead by a veteran tech wizard, Bob Wilkins and are plugging crypto into a large and existing network of shoppers and merchants. DMD is poised to be the next Paycoin! But seriously, How could anyone fall for cheesy crap like this: But what bitcoin 2. Here is Vitalik telling you where you can invest in an interesting set of crypto strat….

We strive to post the best of the best. From Bitcoin mining, to revalations about Paycoin. We have dedicated writers that post when news b….

Any statements implying this is the case are false. Walmart offers a variety …. And now it has a freenode IRC that you can join to talk about anything crypto. Paycoin's failure, Bitcoin, you can even announce your new coin on there. That coin that was suppose to become the next big thing.. GAW did so many things wrong. If your going to make a coin, do the exact opposite of what GAW did. Here are a few things that they did wrong: They kept pushing their releases back….

I predicted that this drop would happen. I told everyone to sell when pay base was released. The value has been dropping these past few days. I saw this coming. Paycoin is just a fad passing by. At the sign of the price dropping just sell. If you don't want to lose money, sell. It doesn't seem to have a 'magic number', or at least not one I can find in the code. It is a simple site with basic inofrmation about Paycoin XPY.

Just want to know what you guys think about this site and if it is useful for the community. Please feel free to give me f…. Gamble and profit now! I have never really heard anything about this coin until i all of a sudden see it up the top of CMC this morning. I see a dump coming. After the launch of Paycoin, we've launched the first ever paycoin dice! Do not buy this shit https: Bitcoins are an easily exchanged commodity, people buy it because it's a way of storing money.

Paycoin is a Paycon. Do you think the company Zeus miner will issue something similar to Gawminer's Paycoin? I just don't understand,all t….

Has the investors of Paycoin XPY lost confidence? Also I cannot find a mining pool any suggestions? I'm looking for a trusted member to sell me some Paycoins, the new crypto-currency.

Also, what are the exact Paycoin prices right now? If anyone wants to contribute anything, let me know! PM me the amount of Paycoins you want to buy and we can work out the details. Found more about it. I could recover only a part of the investment. I am sharing this because I …. Next pump will start in 1 hour — Get on the Paycoin Pump Train or get out of t…. GlowCoin on October 08, , Tweets about Paycoin or XPY. Tweets from Paycoin developers. Cooking Coin Via BitcoinTalk — 8: Nowadays, it's just a wast… Paycoin not winning Via BitcoinTalk — 4: However after investing in this coin, the value dropped drastically and now it'… Paycoin Asia Via BitcoinTalk — 6: Paycoin nodes and address version Via BitcoinTalk — The next 24 hours there will be huge buy Via BitcoinTalk — 9: I am talking no shit, I know g… paycoin is one of the worst cryptocurrency investment Via BitcoinTalk — 6: Paycoin XPY Now accepted on coinstand.

Yo… I will create a faucet for any coin you want Via BitcoinTalk — 4: Paycoin faucet please use my referral D Via BitcoinTalk — 2: What kind of person announces a new program without legal … Paycoin casino and reaction to being shadowbanned on hashtalk.

Paycoin Via BitcoinTalk — 1: Paycoin… Via BitcoinTalk — 7: Do not buy into the market. Paybase to Shut Down Operations Dept. PayCoin Delisted from ShapeShift. Buying Mpaycoin Via BitcoinTalk — Launched newcoin- Mpaycoin Via BitcoinTalk — Get 50 Discount on Paycoin.

Quick question about the dreaded paycoin Via BitcoinTalk — 2: Paycoin not winning Via BitcoinTalk — 4: Paycoin Asia Via BitcoinTalk — 6: PayCoin pump is startig now, get ready. Looking for a new, profitable proof of something other than work to play with Via BitcoinTalk — Cthulhucoin OFF 0 Comments. Cubits QBT 0 Comments. This name didn't expect to be taken seriously so it was a very obvious non-starter. Did anyone lose money on this? If so were you waiting for someone else to go along with the gag for 'just a little bit longer than you?

Cyclecoin CCC 0 Comments. Darkshibe DSB 0 Comments. Das DAS 0 Comments. According to this https: Ponzi scheme project, a copy of OneCoin https: The person or people behind this claimed that they were going to use their premine to destroy other altcoins. They did not explain how they intended to go about that, why it would add value to the currency for oth Crypto currency created by Seth Wahle for the purpose of Demonsaw community members to verify identity through micro transactions.

Denarius DRS 0 Comments. Dirac XDQ 0 Comments. My name is Bryce Adam Weiner and we had a lot of fun with Dirac: This is the tale of 2 cons. I had conned the creator of Blakecoin, BlueDragon into adding merged mining into his shitcoin which worked out well as he was a competent deve Dobbscoin BOB 0 Comments.

Dokdocoin got confiscated by the Japanese government. Died due to lack of security. Dollarpounds DPZ 0 Comments. Donationcoin DON 0 Comments. Doubloons DBL 0 Comments. Dragoncoin DNC 0 Comments. Shortly after the ico ended and tokens were issued, their website has gone down droplex.

Dvorakcoin DVK 0 Comments. Eaglecoin EGC 0 Comments. Ecocoin ECO 0 Comments. Started by "Deviant Two". The owner of mining pools, a self proclaimed Christian who was also involved in the Cryptorush exchange.

This is part of a trend in which a large number of altcoins were started by people who make their money from Electron ELT 0 Comments. Electroneum ETN 0 Comments. Cryptopia is only selling and buying mined ETNs. The token etn's bought at 0. Market cap and circulating supply is unknown as the 5 billion etns are not in circulation. Pump are merely marketing boosted. Elephantcoin ELP 0 Comments. Embargocoin EBG 0 Comments.

Emerald EMD 0 Comments. Got away with 2. Entropycoin ENC 0 Comments. Eoncoin EON 0 Comments. Equestrianbit EQB 0 Comments. Equinox EQ 0 Comments. Ermahgerdcern EMG 0 Comments. Scam coin ICO with plagiarized white paper. Apparently collected around ten million US dollars before making one last blog post http: Espers ESP2 0 Comments. Cryptocoderz took over this coin, failed in fixing the bugged POS by breaking the complete wallet and creating multiple sidechains. Promised to fix it again for months and months and is not able to do so.

EDoge is the future of Doge and the revival of one of the most beloved communities https: Same team member which involved in Bitcoin Platinum scam 2. Their official website is dead while long: They didn't wrote ANY code during past 3 months. Mogui outlined a 'rare' coin with 1 reward per block, but used a 'fancy' reward schedule with bonus blocks Exilecoin EXN 0 Comments. Exxor EXX 0 Comments. A well crafted scam coin that tried imitating "IOTA" - They claimed to have a partnership with Samsung which was fake.

They disappeared after their ICO ended. We mined some of them circa It disappeared without track. A clone of quark, claimed to have a fairer initial distribution. Claiming to have something people want is the first step in both introducing a valuable innovation and in promoting a scam.

Which was it in this case? Fellatiocoin BLO 0 Comments. Ferengicoin FER 0 Comments. Finland's own auroracoin attempt. Can't be traded anywhere or used anywhere. Fireflycoin FFC 0 Comments. Fitcoin FIT 0 Comments. Floridacoin FLC 0 Comments. Forexcoin FRX 0 Comments. Now I want to see if the fourchan crowd actively attacked it. They would, you know. FourtyTwoCoin 42 0 Comments. Foxcoin FOX 0 Comments. Franko FRK 0 Comments. Franko is a shitcoin LTC clone I made to scam people.

It took me about 30 minutes to make and made me a tidy sum of money. It was my first scam. Not my best scam but the first of many. Through making FRK I understood how to scam people and How'd that work out for ya?

Freedomcoin FDC 0 Comments. Freicoin FRC 0 Comments. Unlike Bitcoin, Freicoin has a demurrage fee that ensures its circulation and bearers of the currency pay this fee automatically. This demurrage fee was proposed by Silvio Gesell to eliminate the privileged position held by money compared w Frictionlesscoin FLC 0 Comments. Frozencoin FZ 0 Comments. Frycoin FRY 0 Comments.

Furrycoin FUR 0 Comments. All plans cancelled and team shut down because no developer wanted to work with them. Gaelcoin GAC 0 Comments. Galaxycoin GLX 0 Comments. A fast NVC clone with constant reward for 8 years. Galleon GLN 0 Comments. Galtcoin GLT 0 Comments. Gamecoin GME 0 Comments. The source code was forked from BTC v0. Gamerscoin GMC 0 Comments. Gasolinecoin DZL 0 Comments.

Gatescoin GTC 0 Comments. Gaycoin GAY 0 Comments. Genesiscoin GNS 0 Comments. Geocoins GEO 0 Comments. Ghostcoin GHC 0 Comments. Gil GIL 0 Comments. Globalboost BST 0 Comments. Globe GLB 0 Comments. Godcoin GOD 0 Comments. Gold Bars 0 Comments. Goldcoin GLD 0 Comments. Till date, it has not even been listed on Coinmarketcap.

Gollumcoin GLM 0 Comments. Goxcoin GOX 0 Comments. Grain GRA 0 Comments. Grandcoin GDC 0 Comments. Granitecoin GRN 0 Comments. Graphene GRP 0 Comments. This was promoted as being to support the Greek economy. Was the software even available in Greek?

Did the developers live there? Or is this another case of somebody with no connection claiming to be a rescuer? Observed trading with ma Groincoin GXG 0 Comments. Growthcoin GRW 0 Comments. Guncoin GUN 0 Comments. H2Ocoin H20 0 Comments. This would be more impressive if the trades involved more than a sawbuck, but it's still interesting. Heavycoin HVC 0 Comments.

Download dead, blockchain dead, no nodes to connect to. Heisenberg HEX 0 Comments. Helixcoin HXC 0 Comments. Hellcoin HLC 0 Comments. Highfivecoin H5C 0 Comments. Hirocoin uses X11 and the best security available to secure our users and future. Hobbitcoin HBC 0 Comments. A relaunch of HongKongCoin. Hotcoin HOT 0 Comments. Huatecoin HUC 0 Comments. Huitong HTC 0 Comments.

Huskycoin HC 0 Comments. Icoin ICN 0 Comments. After ICO developer had minimal contact with investors via social media, roll on a few months and he's not been heard from at all for well over a month across all social media channels. Promotion has ceased and the iDice beta website is a b Infinity pay IPY 0 Comments. After the release, they dumped the coin by selling it all. Infinium-8 INF8 0 Comments. Informationcoin ITC 0 Comments. Inkcoin INK 0 Comments.

Instapay IPC 0 Comments. It published paid reviews in well known crypto news site such as this: Despite numerous technical advantages, it was never widely adopted. Created by Homer Komatsu. It was an initiative by some guy on Facebook, at about Italycoin ITC 0 Comments. Jennycoin JNY 0 Comments. Jerkycoin JKY 0 Comments. Apparently there have been at least two JesusCoin creations. At least one was created via coingen. Something about a camel passing through the eye of a nee Jewels JWL 0 Comments.

Website not updated since April. Left messages on 2 emails and we form. A coin created for the fans of the band Insane Clown Posse. Launched Jan 13 The client was malware; it contained a wallet stealer and remote desktop. Kakacoin KKC 0 Comments. Mark Karpeles is the former CEO of Gox, and widely hated by many people who, in aggregate, lost nearly a billion dollars worth of assets in both Bitcoins lost by his exchange and bitcoins devalued by the shaken markets caused by the losses Kencoin KCN 0 Comments.

Never listed the coin on any exchange and hence no calue at all. Knoxcoin KNX 0 Comments. It was shutdown by the brazilian police on September 21, Kudos KDS 0 Comments.

Kushcoin KHC 0 Comments. Made by a dad as a birthday present for his daughter. No support, no development, no business model. Lebowskis LBW 0 Comments. It used to be listed on Cryptsy RIP , and then it was an exit scam. I own a lot of it Darn, I was hoping someone would use that name for something that didn't wind up on this list Lemoncoin LMC 0 Comments. Lightvelocitycoin LVC 0 Comments. Limecoin LC 0 Comments.

Livecoin LVC 0 Comments. Lolcoin LOL 0 Comments. Something named "Lovecoin" was created via Coingen. As with most coingen coins, there are people who claim this isn't the one that was made via coingen.

It might be, or it might not. Lucky7coin LK7 0 Comments. Contained a backdoor that lead to the theft of 13,BTC from Cryptsy.

Created by maths a maniac who wanted to see the world burn. Lycancoin LYC 0 Comments. Machinecoin MAC 0 Comments. Don't confuse this with Magicoin. Maplecoin MPL 0 Comments. Used to be glorious, worth more than almighty BitCoin, but then winter came. Mass coin was just a plain scam runed by the Mycelium brand they collet the money and never deliver anything but a lame chrome extension supposedly built to monetize ads in a browser, like MT tokens of the cowdsale of Mycellium shares they Mediterraneancoin MED 0 Comments.

Megcoin MEG 0 Comments. Named for the plot device in the 'Dune' series by Frank Herbert. Released on the scificointalk forum 30 minutes before release on bitcointalk, which led to som Memecoin MEM 0 Comments. Also was heavily premined by freetrade who has now moved on to other projects. Metiscoin MTS 0 Comments. No updates in many years on FB page, website has no content.

Milancoin MLC 0 Comments. Millionairecoin MIL 0 Comments. Minerals MIN 0 Comments. Abandoned by original dev, later abandoned by adopting team, no known active nodes. Mjollnircoin MNR 0 Comments. Moirai MOI 0 Comments. Its dead because the ICO was a scam, still have cool coins though. Molecule MOL 0 Comments.

Moneyenom MYM 0 Comments. This was a crowdsale of shares by Mycelium Wallet, they ran away with the funds and never answer anything before just fade away with 3 Millions worth of Bitcoin. Muniti MUN 0 Comments. Muniti is launched March 29 It went on exchanges within days, before its market cap had risen above the level of being a dead coin.

The launcher is 'radi' who, for a refreshing change of pace, does NOT have his email address hidd Mutcoin MUT 0 Comments. Naanayam NYM 0 Comments. Nakacoin NKC 0 Comments. Nanotoken NAN 0 Comments. Nbcoin NBC 0 Comments. Evidently a pure IPO scam. Nigger NGR 0 Comments. The coin was created with as a simple pump and dumb scheme. The idea was to create a offensive coin and spread it to news outlets.

People outraged by the name of the coin would discuss it fur Was intended to be a fast and scalable codebase written in NodeJS. Project started by Barwizi from Bitcointalk. Started off good but in the end disappeared with funds that were supposedly to be invested into projects creating income for NRS shareholders.

Barwizi seems to be working for Crypterium now so Noodlyappendagecoin NDL 0 Comments. Nucoin NUC 0 Comments. Nutcoin NUT 0 Comments. So what was this, a play to appeal to pro-gambling political cranks who wanted to compare Obama with Bin Laden?

In America, you can use the name of a 'public figure' such as a politician, without permission -- but if you mention a certain Mouse, you'll get sued into oblivion. So this is something people were allowed to do, but I don't think it helpe Ocoin OSC 0 Comments. Octonox OTX 0 Comments. Coin was a scam from the beginning and last less the a month after ico on livecoin. I remember this, it was an attempt to create a cryptocurrency for the vertical market of crude-oil shipping and dealing - but made absolutely zero penetration into that market.

Omnicoin OMC 0 Comments. Created by the HackForums. There was a 'onecoin' created via Coingen. But this coin apparently launched before coingen. One Coin OC 0 Comments. Ruja Ignatova created it. Multi billion dollar Ponzi scam. Pretneded to have a blockchain and cryptocurrency called 'OneCoin' which was all lies. No existing blockchain and no genuine cryptocurrency. Not on an exchange. Created as a ponzi s Onioncoin ONI 0 Comments. Onlinegamingcoin OGC 0 Comments. Orbitcoin ORB 0 Comments.

Launched Feb 21 The client was malware; it contained a remote desktop exploit. Ottomancoin OTC 0 Comments. Paccoin PAC 0 Comments. There have been at least three different Pandacoins. Pangucoin PGC 0 Comments. Patriotcoin USA 0 Comments. Paycoin PYC 0 Comments. Peacecoin PEC 0 Comments. Peoplecoin PPL 0 Comments. Phcoin PHC 0 Comments.

Phicoin PHI 0 Comments. Not known to have traded on open markets on any other date. The trading symbol is now used by something called 'Photon'. Pikacoin PIK 0 Comments. Piniumcoin PNC 0 Comments. Piratecoin PIR 0 Comments. They accepted payment in PXL for pixels of advertising on their webpage. They called it a "million dollar webpage", regardless of the fact that the same advertising exposure could be elsewhere purchased for pennies.

As of 28 April th Platinum Bars 0 Comments. Platinumcoin PT 0 Comments. Playtoken PLT 0 Comments. Pokercoin POK 0 Comments. Popcoin POP 0 Comments. Do not confuse this with popularcoin, a later cryptocurrency also called Popcoin and also traded under the symbol POP. Poundcoin PUK 0 Comments. Powercoin POW 0 Comments. Preminecoin PMC 0 Comments. Procoin PCN 0 Comments. Prospercoin PRC 0 Comments.

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A Bitcoin exchange, which operates a BTC/INR market for deposit and withdrawal.


A buy/sell order is executed partially or in full when the price bid can be matched against a sell/buy order that is at or below the bid amount.

Adding funds[edit]


There are no fees incurred when when transferring bitcoins for deposit. Funds are available once confirmed (3 confirms), a process that can take roughly 30minutes.


Exchange accepts NEFT\RTGS funds transfer from anywhere inside india and also accepts internation wiretransfers in INR, no deposit fee

Withdrawing funds[edit]


Bitcoins may be withdrawn at 0.01 BTC per transaction. Withdrawals can be sent to a bitcoin address.


Domestic withdrawals in INR will be charged with 0.99% fee, minimum fee is INR 99.


iCoin charges a trading fee from each party of successful trades made through the market. The rate for new accounts is flat 0.49%. Refer to the [1] to determine fee schedule. The fee that was charged appears in the account history next to each trade.

Account Security[edit]

Language Support[edit]

The site has support following languages:



Data Services[edit]


The exchange was announced on May 19 2013 is owned by S.V.E and based in India.

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External Links[edit]

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freebsd bitcoin wallet.

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