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Bitcoin trading services provider, Bitkan, has announced the launch of over the counter (OTC) bitcoin cash trading. OTC trading allows users to trade bitcoin cash outside of the order books of exchanges, allowing high volume traders to access competitive pricing.

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Bitkan Has Launched OTC Bitcoin Cash Trading on Its Mobile App

Bitkan has announced the launch of OTC bitcoin cash trading, which is available to users via the Bitkan’s mobile app. Bitkan launched the OTC bitcoin trading feature on its mobile app last year, following significant investment from Chinese mining hardware company, Bitmain.

Bitkan issued a statement articulating the company’s view that bitcoin cash trading comprises an extension of the bitcoin markets, and the company wishes to stay competitive with other major players within China’s cryptocurrency trading industry. “BCC users are largely BTC users. And Okcoin and Huobi have opened BCC deposit and withdrawal services, which suggests that BCC could gain more momentum soon.”

“The Cryptocurrency Market Is Very Active This Year”

Alongside the introduction of OTC bitcoin cash trading, Bitkan also launched ethereum support for their mobile app this week. Bitkam representative Sandy Liang has told media that Bitkan believes OTC cryptocurrency has significant growth potential in China, stating that the company “thinks the cryptocurrency market is very active this year, users’ demand is growing too. We see the OTC market should be pluralistic”.

Bitkan was founded in China in 2013, and has sought to become a market leader in China’s mobile bitcoin services industry. Bitkan will host a major cryptocurrency and blockchain event in Beijing next month, called the ‘Shape the Future’ 2017 Blockchain Global Summit.

The event will host the screening of Bitkan’s documentary premiere, which has covered here. The event will be in attendance by many Chinese and international cryptocurrency industry leaders, including Bitmain’s Jihan Wu, Huobi’s Leon Li, OKCoin’s Star Xu, CHBTC’s Dawei Li, ViaBTC’s Haipo Yang, MGT Capital Investments CEO John McAfee, and CEO Roger Ver.

Do you believe that there is sufficient demand for OTC bitcoin cash trading from China’s markets? Share you thoughts in the comments section below!

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What is BitKan? - Quora

Mobile wallet and OTC trading platform BitKan has decided to officially let users hold Bitcoin Cash balances in their accounts. It introduced the feature barely after the new coin “officially” appeared, around ten minutes after the hard fork that created it.

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For the moment, users will be able to hold BCC tokens only — it won’t be available for trading on BitKan’s P2P exchange. Users will receive BCC equal to whatever BTC balance their BitKan accounts hold.

It’s also one of the few “custodial” wallets to allow BCC balances, with others such as Coinbase rejecting the idea.

BitKan operations director Sandy Liang explained user demand was behind the move, and not politics. Many China-based bitcoiners, she said, had shown interest in using BCC.

It’s still too early to tell whether the freshly hard-forked currency will gain the support of the wider community. However it appears to be Chinese companies that are most willing to experiment, at least.

Some will call BitKan’s move a PR stunt, but it’s also part of Chinese cryptocurrency culture to accommodate alternative coins. The country’s major exchanges have traded litecoin alongside bitcoin for years, starting before most in the West.

This unique approach and culture is of interest to BitKan, who even made a documentary about it. The film will premiere at a summit event in Beijing on 10th September.

Bitcoin Evolution and Diversity

Bitsonline asked CEO Leon Liu if BitKan will commit to supporting Bitcoin Cash in the longer term — even if miners are lukewarm about devoting valuable hashing power to it. He said:

“This a difficult question to answer. This question should be answered in the future, but we believe that BCC’s birth is an evolution of Bitcoin, like diversity of nature.”

“As we have said before, BitKan is a platform for serving cryptocurrency users, if there is a wide need, BitKan would consider satisfying users’ demand.”

Exchange and mining pool ViaBTC was the first company to show serious support for Bitcoin Cash, listing it as a CNY trading pair and promising pool and cloud miners they could mine it.

At press time, BCC was worth ¥1,770 CNY on ViaBTC’s exchange, or $ 263 USD — before the fork, it was trading closer to the $500 USD mark.

How long will you hold your BCC? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images via BitKan, Pixabay

Note: BitKan is a strategic partner of Bitsonline.

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An Inside Look at Bitkan’s ‘Bitcoin: Shape The Future .

Bitcoin took another hit, falling more than 5 per cent to trade below US$4,000 as China’s Bitkan said it would suspend its over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin and bitcoin cash trading services from Thursday.

The move is in response to the recent ban on the practice of initial coin offerings (ICOs), Bitkan said in the statement. It said its bitcoin wallet, as well as the deposit and withdrawal functions of the digital assets will not be affected.

Over-the-counter bitcoin trading is popular among investors as it allows them to trade outside the online exchanges and access competitive pricing.

ICO is a relatively new method of fundraising in which digital tokens are issued to the public. It falls outside the regulatory framework.

Bitkan’s announcement followed the Chinese central bank’s recent decision to ban fundraising through digital currencies, branding it as illegal. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) said that 90 per cent of the ICOs launched in China were found to have been fraudulent.

Last week, media reports, citing unidentified sources, suggested that Beijing is planning to proscribe the trading of virtual currencies on domestic exchanges. However, none of China’s largest exchanges – Huobi, OkCoin and BTC China – have halted trading.

The virtual currency is mostly traded in China.

This isn’t the first time the bitcoin market in China has come under regulatory scrutiny.

In early February, major exchanges suspended withdrawals of bitcoin and stepped up their scrutiny of clients after meeting with the central bank.

Emil Chan, vice-president of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society, said it would be difficult for regulators to outlaw bitcoin trading altogether. “There is no option to restrict cross-border sales of bitcoin. It is a smarter move to maintain the operation of the local exchanges if the central bank’s goal is to minimise the outflow of yuan.”

Bitcoin was trading lower by 5.05 per cent at $3,962 on the Bitstamp platform on Wednesday. But the virtual currency is up more than six times from a year ago, with some participants convinced the bitcoin market is in a bubble. “In fact, the market was too hot. The action taken is an effective action to cool down the global cryptocurrency market,” said Chan.

Leonhard Weese, president of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, said if China continues to toughen up on regulations to restrict growth in bitcoin, it may drive the business to the city.

“People in China will be more careful about marketing these events, and a lot of that marketing activity will come to Hong Kong in the form of conferences and communities,” said Weese.

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Bitkan Club —BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN OTC Salon : Bitcoin

BitKan is a data and trading services platform with an emphasis on bitcoin. Find out everything you need to know about BitKan today in our review.

What Is BitKan?

BitKan, found online at, is a bitcoin trading platform founded in 2013. In 2016, BitKan received a $1.6 million Series A investment led by Bitmain. Today, BitKan offers a web-based exchange, a bitcoin trading app, OTC trading, and other bitcoin services.

BitKan is best-known within China, particularly for its Android app. The app provides full trading services. It also functions as a wallet. Most of BitKan’s management team comes from Huawei, the Chinese electronics giant. The founders launched BitKan in 2013.

BitKan Features

Here are some of the features that distinguish BitKan from other trading platforms:

  • Easy, One Click Trades: There are no top ups required. BitKan supports local payment methods like WeChat and AliPay. You can complete the entire transaction within minutes.
  • Safe Storage: Cold and hot wallets are separated on BitKan. The team behind BitKan formerly worked for Fortune 500 companies and has 10+ years of experience. They offer real-time data backup, multi-antivirus protection, and safe and complete risk control strategies.
  • Low Trading Fees: BitKan charges a 0% maker fee and a 0.3% taker fee.
  • Mobile Support: BitKan offers complete trading services over its mobile app, available for Android.

The BitKan Mobile App

One of the biggest advantages of using BitKan is that you can easily make trades from your mobile device. The BitKan mobile app is available for Android. You can use it as a bitcoin wallet, an OTC exchange, or as a source for market data and news. Here are some of the core features of the app:

  • Buy and sell bitcoin in a P2P marketplace
  • Use it as a bitcoin wallet to receive, store, and send bitcoin
  • Check real-time price quotes and candlesticks of 30 exchanges from all over the world
  • Set prices and get notifications as quickly as possible; 24 hour monitoring is available
  • View news from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries

Monitor mining machine hash rates, and setup an API of your mining pool to get instant hash rate information, including a notification if your machine is functioning abnormally

Who’s Behind BitKan?

BitKan was founded in 2013 by CEO and Co-Founder Leon Liu, Founder Edward Lu, CTO and Co-Founder William Tang, and COO and Co-Founder Fanny Yu.

Leon Liu is a former manager at a Fortune 500 company. He’s also a full stack developer who was one of China’s first digital currency entrepreneurs. Edward Liu was also formerly part of a management team at a Fortune 500 company, and one of China’s earliest bitcoin players.

BitKan is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company claims to have “the largest number of users within the industry in China.”

The company’s management team makes numerous mentions of being part of a Fortune 500 company. That Fortune 500 company is Huawei, the Chinese electronics giant.

BitKan And The Blockchain Global Summit

In September 2017, BitKan made headlines for announcing an event called the Blockchain Global Summit. BitKan is the host of the event, which is scheduled to take place from September 20 to 21, 2017 at Hong Kong’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The event was initially scheduled for Beijing. However, the company moved the event to Hong Kong after local regulatory agencies warned BitKan that no ICO-related information would be allowed at the event. By moving the event to Hong Kong, BitKan will allow all aspects of the event – including lectures and speeches – to take place as originally scheduled.

The event will also see the release of China’s first bitcoin documentary, which documents the rise of bitcoin in China’s economy.

Key guests at the summit include Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain, Roger Ver, CEO of, John McAfee, antivirus expert and outspoken privacy advocate, Leon Liu, CEO of BitKan, and other major names from the blockchain community.

Full details about the event can be seen on their website. Tickets are priced at ¥2680 (Standard Ticket) or ¥3888 (VIP Ticket), or about $400 to $600 USD per ticket.

BitKan Conclusion

BitKan is a long-running bitcoin trading and exchange platform catered to residents of China. The platform is available online through, but it’s particularly popular through the mobile app for Android.

Overall, the app emphasizes a multi-functional environment. You can conduct OTC trades or P2P trades, for example, view market news and candlestick charts, and even use the app to monitor the hashrate from your bitcoin miner.

To learn more about BitKan and how it works, visit today.

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Bitkan P2P - Bitcoin Wallet APK Download - ApkPlz

Представляем спонсора Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia – мобильное приложение BitKan для обмена биткоинов со встроенным е-кошельком.

BitKan – это официальное приложение компании BitKan, доступное для iOS и Android. Его задача – обеспечить покупку, продажу и безопасное хранение биткоинов. Пользователь может оплачивать покупки и совершать криптовалютные переводы, причём инструментарий доступен даже начинающему биткоинеру.

Для удобства приложение содержит обозреватель криптобирж. Сервис уведомляет пользователя об изменении цен на определённую криптовалюту, а также передаёт международные новости, связанные с биржевой торговлей и майнингом.

Напоминаем, что Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia пройдёт 10 ноября в московском центре Digital October. Вскоре начнём сообщать вам об участниках демозоны, которая будет работать на выходе из обоих залов.

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