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Nowadays Bitcoin has become very familiar and to earn bitcoins it is very easier than making dollars. Captcha entry (paying '$') is a familiar way to earn money online. But, I bet it is an ineffective way to make money if you aren't skilled. Captcha entry needs some speed to earn reasonable money online. But in the case of bitcoin-paying captcha solving faucets, you don't need any special skill or speed because you don't have to type anything in most cases instead you will have to use your mouse click to solve them. You can earn bitcoins at a rate of $2 - $3 / hr by solving these modern classic captchas. In this article, you can get all information about earning Bitcoins just by solving simple classic captchas with screen shots.

Things to Remember:
  • Do you hear the word Bitcoin for the first time? Read this article to know what is Bitcoin? before you start.
  • To receive your earned bitcoins you should own a Bitcoin wallet similar to Google wallet. If you don't have one, learn how to create a bitcoin wallet.
  • You don't have to pay any fees for bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin is tax-free digital currencies and government do not interfere in Bitcoin transactions, even if you send or receive 1 billion worth bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin-based captcha solving is totally different. The site that pays you Bitcoin for solving captchas is called as a faucet.
  • You have to enter the faucet and solve the captcha to receive a certain amount of bitcoin. Once you claim the Bitcoin you have to click next faucet to claim Bitcoin again. 
  • You can claim Bitcoins 24 / 7 just by solving captchas. There is no limit in claiming bitcoins.
  • Also, they don't have any time restrictions like ordinary captcha entry sites, where you have to solve a captcha within 15 seconds otherwise your account will be suspended.
  • Captcha solving in faucets is easier compared to the image to text captcha entry. Because in most cases you don't have to type using your keyboard instead you can solve just by using your mouse clicks.
  • Different types of captchas found on faucets are explained below with screenshots.

How to work in Captcha solving faucets:
  • You should create an account on the Bitcoin faucets.
  • To work on the captcha solving faucets it is really easy. After registration, your dashboard will look similar to the picture given below. 
  • This site is named as and it is a free bitcoin faucet rotator. It means the site will have a certain number of bitcoin faucets and their URL will be in a rotated randomly. Whenever you claim bitcoin in a faucet you can go to the next faucet by clicking next in the rotator instead opening using their URL or unique link. 
  • To start you should click start browsing faucets on the top of the site as shown in the picture given above.
  • The faucet page will look like the picture shown above. For the first time, you will be asked to enter your Bitcoin address to log in. Enter the same bitcoin address you've used to register account.
  • To claim the bitcoins you should solve the captcha. Each faucet will have different captcha API. You can select anyone which you feel easier and click claim.
  • After claiming the bitcoins, click next Faucet on the right top corner of the page. Follow the same cycle to claim Bitcoins 24/7 from different faucets by solving captchas.
  • It will take some time to understand clearly about So be patient to learn how to earn quickly.

Various captcha API on Bitcoin Faucets:

  • Bitcoin faucets have installed different types of captcha API on their site to protect their faucets from bots. Let us see the different types of captcha you want to solve to claim bitcoins.

1. Typing captcha API:

  • This is the basic captcha API, where you've to type the words shown on the image to pass. Mostly ReCaptcha will be the alternate API. If you wish not to type you can click on ReCaptcha and solve using a mouse click.

2. reCAPTCHA - 2:

  • Recaptcha is very familiar nowadays. Using your mouse you should click on the center of the circle to solve. Once solved, you can click continue to claim bitcoins.

3. Fun captcha:

Step - 1:

  • Fun captcha is the easiest of all. It will take just 3 seconds to complete this captcha. To solve you should click on verify to move to the verification.

Step - 2:

  • You will be asked to move the woman face to the center. You should click on the woman's face and move it to the center and release the click.

Step - 3:

  • After moving women face to the center, click verify to complete.

Step - 4:

  • Now click, get your Satoshi to claim the Bitcoin for solving that captcha.

4. Slide Captcha:

  • Just click the button till the end to solve this captcha. It will just take 1 second to solve this captcha.
  • Now click on the claim to receive your bitcoins.

5. Scratching captcha:

  • To solve this captcha you've to scratch the vault using the coin.

6. Click in order:

  • To solve this captcha you should click the words given there in order by clicking the relevant buttons.

6. Auto bot verification:

  • Solving Autobot verification is pretty simple. Just click the numbers in order by calculating simple math given there. 
  • For example, the numbers 6, 3, 4 are given above. You should click in order that goes like this (3 + 3), (1 + 2), (3 + 1). If this captcha is solved correctly, the claim will be immediately processed.

How much bitcoins you can earn by solving a captcha:

  • Actually, the rate for solving a captcha in the faucet is not fixed, it varies each and every time you claim. 
  • Normally you will get 100 satoshis to 1BTC on Bitcoin faucets for every claim. Currently, equivalent to $0.001 to $0.50 per captcha you solve.
  • The more regular you are, you will receive more satoshis in every claim. You should work at least 2 hours a day to show you are a regular member of the faucet.
  • Don't  expect to earn more on the first day itself. Only if you're regular, faucets will start to reward you more.
  • You can earn 1 million satoshis every day just by working few hours. It's easy that a Kinder Garden child can do it.

How to earn more bitcoins in every claim:

  • At each claim, you can earn 2000 satoshis just by clicking on the rabbit. After solving the captcha your reward will be displayed as shown below.
  • To play just move your mouse above the rabbit. The rabbit will start to move around the web page. Just click it to claim 2000 for every captcha you solve.
  • It will take just 10 - 20 seconds to solve a captcha. After solving make sure you click on the rabbit every time to claim more bitcoins.

Referral commission:

  • One thing that attracted me most about Bitcoin faucets is the referral commission. Though referring people is not compulsory to earn money you can refer your friends.
  • Bitcoin faucets pay 50% to 75% referral commission in most cases and few pay up to 100% referral commission. Regular captcha entry sites pay only 10% referral commission and they are not instant like this. So, we have the chance to earn more money through Bitcoin faucets just by referring 5 - 10 friends.
  • If your friend claims 5000 satoshis you will get up to full 5000 satoshis as referral commission.
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Captcha entry work is one of the best online typing jobs, because there is no limitation both in terms of work availability and earnings. You can work 24/7 and get paid for what you work. Whereas in case of survey, GPT, article writing earning opportunities will be limited per day i.e. you can only take limited survey invitations, limited offers etc. Apart from these things you need good concentration and dedication to earn money in this work. And if you've good typing speed, you can make more money.

  • Everyone who could read & type English alphabets and numbers can join captcha entry.
  • There is no country limitations, anyone around the world can join captcha work. But see to that you can receive payment in your country. Paypal is available in most of the countries try to join a site which process payment through Paypal.
  • Some sites requires members who can solve a captcha within 15 seconds. In my opinion if you cannot solve a captcha within 15 seconds do not join captcha work, because you cannot earn more at that speed.
  • You internet connection speed should be at least 512 kbps. If you have slow internet connection image will load slow which might kick you out of the work each time.

If you've less knowledge about high paying captcha work, read this captcha entry guide before you join.

For mobile users - Captcha entry job using mobile phone.
How to earn more:
  • Along with captcha entry job try to join 5 - 10 sites to make your online earning efficient. Working in 10 of those sites will take not more than 15 - 30 minutes. In 30 minutes you can earn $1 - $2, after completing the work, continue to work in captcha entry site.
  • Try to participate in online surveys, you can earn in dollars for sharing your opinion. Surveys can pay you $1 - $20 in just 5 - 20 minutes.
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Things to remember:

  • You can earn more on bitcoin paying captcha solving sites compared to normal USD paying captcha entry site. I recommend you to join both to compare. If you're new to bitcoin, read what is bitcoin? 
  • The captchas in bitcoin captcha entry work is very easier that you can do it using a mouse click. You can get the screenshots of captcha solving on bitcoin paying captcha solving jobs by clicking on its name in the table given below.
  • If you plan to join captcha entry work that pays bitcoin, I highly recommend you to read the working procedure before you start to avoid confusion.
  • Some captcha panel provides software for working. Software availability is mentioned below.
  • Few captcha sites pays you commission for referring your friends. Affiliate Program is also mentioned below.
  • Few captcha sites requires invitation code for joining. Make sure you note the invitation code before you close this page.
  • Some captcha entry jobs will pay you based on the bid. Try to work on high paying hours to earn more working less.
Earn money instantly - Survey sites that pays $1 - $35 per survey. After selecting a captcha entry site, click on the name/title to learn more about that particular site. It will help you to navigate more easily after joining and also software installation (not for all) & working procedure is explained over there.

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Various earning methods :- Survey, focus sites, apps download, search.
Referral commission - 50%. Referral level - 1 level. No of referrals - 150.
Registration procedure | Features | Working procedure Online since - 2010.
Payment method - Paypal | Payza | Okpay Minimum payout - $2.

Countries accepted - USA | UK | Canada | Ireland | Australia | France | Germany
Earnings per survey = Up to $35 Minimum Payout - $3

Countries accepted - India only Earnings per survey = Up to $5 Minimum Payout - $5

Various earning methods :- Online surveys, Mini tasks, Offers, Clixgrid
Referral commission - up to 20%. Referral level - 8 level No of referrals - Unlimited.
Registration procedure | Features | Working procedure Online since - 2007.
Payment method - Payoneer | Payza | Skrill | Check(USA). Minimum payout - $6.

Earn by Taking surveys, watching videos, tasks, offers, Games Referral commission - 10%.
Payment method - Bitcoin | Paypal Minimum payout - $10.

Captcha rate - $0.50 to $1.50 / 1000 Invitation code - N/A
Referral commission - 10% Software - No Captcha loading speed - Fast
Payment method - Paypal | Payza | Web money Minimum payout - $1
Solving time limit - 10 sec / letter

Captcha rate - $1 to $5 / 1000 Invitation code - N/A
Referral commission - up to 75% Software - No Captcha loading speed - Medium
Payment method - Bitcoins Minimum payout - $0.001
Solving time limit - No Time limit to solve captcha

Captcha rate - $0.45 to $1.20 / 1000 Referral commission - 10%
Solving time limit - 15 sec / captcha Software - No Captcha loading speed - slow
Payment method - Paypal | Payza | Perfect money | Web money | Western unioin | Bitcoin
Minimum payout - $3 | $100 (WU) Invitation code - 9MQM

Captcha rate - $1 / 1000 (Fixed) Invitation code - N/A
Referral commission - N/A Software - Yes Captcha loading speed - Dead slow
Payment method - Payza | Perfect money Minimum payout - $1
Solving time limit - No limit

Captcha rate - $0.45 to $1.20 / 1000 Referral commission - N/A
Solving time limit - 15 sec / captcha Software - No Captcha loading speed - slow
Payment method - Paypal | Payza | Perfect money | Web money | Western unioin | Bitcoin
Minimum payout - $3 | $100 (WU) Invitation code - A7UR

The best hourly job provider. Find hourly job, part time job, full time job in your state.

Various earning methods :- Online surveys, Mini tasks, Offers, Clixgrid
Referral commission - up to 20%. Referral level - 8 level No of referrals - Unlimited.
Registration procedure | Features | Working procedure Online since - 2007.
Payment method - Payoneer | Payza | Skrill | Check(USA). Minimum payout - $6.

Various earning methods :- Survey, focus sites, apps download, search.
Referral commission - 50%. Referral level - 1 level. No of referrals - 150.
Registration procedure | Features | Working procedure Online since - 2010.
Payment method - Paypal | Payza | Okpay Minimum payout - $2.

Various earning methods :- Online surveys, Cash games, tasks, Cash for searching, Shopping.
Referral commission - 10%. Referral level - 1 level. No of referrals - Unlimited.
Registration procedure | Features | Working procedure Online since - 2008.
Payment method - Paypal | Rewards. Minimum payout - $5.

hashflare опыт.

Earn bitcoin every 15 mn just for typing Captcha The .

Learn how you can make money online from typing captchas and other easy data entry work from home. We recommend only the best paying services with trusted and swift payouts. Cash out in USD, EUR, RUB or Bitcoin and get paid almost instantly to popular eWallets like PayPal, AdvCash, Payeer and Epay. отзывы.

Bitcoin Dice Game Faucet

1. KOLOTIBABLO is a website that pays people to write a captcha, this website has been running for more than 5 years and always pay, I myself have felt the results so far. I get about $ 1 an hour, a day to work for 5 hours I have earned $ 5 per day with an input speed of 1200 captcha hour.

   Kolotibablo is a Russian site who pays 0.5$ to 0.9$ per 1000 entries. This sites pays within 24 hours. This site has a rating system. With the help of the rating system you can increase your earning. The better your rating the more will you earn. The best thing about this site is that you can make mistakes up to some extant unlike other sites in if you make to many mistakes they will block your account. Kolotibablo does give you some compensation.

10% ratting = .1$ 20% ratting = .2$ 30% ratting = .3$ 120% ratting = 1.2$ Minimum payout : $1. (u can transfer with in 24 hrs, very quick service.) Payment methods : Payza, Payoneer, Okpay, Webmoney, Bitcoin.


  This is one of the trusted captcha website. I got payment so many times. This is genuine payment. and it pays on every monday. It accepts payment methods paypal, payza, perfect money. Whenever you reach minimum payment $3 then u get payment on monday. Registration is totally free.

It Pays $0.5 - $1 Minumum payout : 3 Dollars (Every Monday) Payment Methods : Paypal, Perfect Money, Payza 3. CAPTCHATYPERS
Admin Email : [email protected]    This is also good paying captcha site. and it pays better rates, Indians can withdraw money directly to Indian Bank. They provides full support. If you want admin panel then send Email to admin and provide your information like below User name : Password : Payment id : Email : send these information to admin and get your admin panel. Captchatypers Pay Rate : 0.65$ to 1.40$ Captchatypers Payments Methods : Payza, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Neteller Payment. Captchatypers Minimum Payout : 2$ Captchatypers Payments : Daily (Except Sunday).

Admin Email : [email protected]     QlinkGroup is a website that pays people to write a captcha, this website has been running for more than 3 years and always pay, I my self have felt the results so far.    If you want qlinkgroup admin panel then send email to admin and provide required information,   Send details like below. user name : user password : payment ID : Email : Send this information to above mentioned email. Qlinkgroup Pay Rate : 0.75$ to 1.20$ Qlinkgroup Server Speed: 24 Hour Qlinkgroup Minimum Payments: 800 Captcha Each Id In 1 Week. Qlinkgroup Accept For Payments : Paypal , Perfect Money, Freelancer. Qlinkgroup Payments : Weekly ( Friday) Auto Send Payments From Direct Owner.
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Bitcoin Earning By Captcha -

Internet is full of opportunities. There are much more ways to earn money on internet than one can think of. I already have discussed 10 ways to make money online without investment. In this post I am going to list 7 websites where one can make money by simply Typing. All you need to have to work with them is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to type at least 10 Words Per Minute. There are many Captcha Entry Job sites out there where one just have to solve Captcha to make money. I have personally tried several Captcha Entry Job Sites and found that only a few of them are genuine and pay on time.

  • 15 Genuine Survey Sites to Make Money Online (With Payment Proofs)

Let’s understand what is a Captcha and How all this stuff works –

What is “Captcha” and Why One Would Give you Money For Solving Captcha ?

I am sure you must have encountered Captcha on internet several time. Remember those time when you are signing up for a website  and they ask you to enter the word written in an image to verify that you are a human and not the robot or something else. See the image below to understand it better –

Now why would someone give you the money for solving Captcha. Take an example of  Digitize India(DEiTY) which is an initiative of government of India which offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises. See why they give money to contributor for solving snippets(Captcha) –

  1. Digital India Platform collects  scanned images from the various Govt. organisations and shred images into snippets with meaning full data.
  2. These snippets(Captcha) are randomly served to the contributors.
  3. Contributors  type the words shown in Snippets.
  4. A match engine check if contributor typed the right word.
  5. Correct entries get reward points for each correct words digitized.
  6. DIP innovative system organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors.
  7. Document are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

This was just an example. They mainly convert scanned documents from images to text. The Captcha you are going to solve might fulfill other kind of requirement . Hope you have understand why you get money to type.

So , here is my list of 7 legitimate Captcha Entry Jobs Sites to Make money Online –

1. 2Captcha

2Captcha is one of the best captcha entry job site. The good thing about 2Captcha is that the Captchas load very fast and it takes no more than 10 seconds between two Captchas during interval. One can earn up to 1.20$ for every 1000 captchas solved. You get 10 seconds to enter a character, so I hope you won’t miss any captcha.

Minimum Payout – $3 for PayPal | $0.5 for WebMoney | $1 for Payza | $1.3 for Perfect Money and AdvCash | $1 for Bitcoin

Payment Options – PayPal | Payza | WebMoney | Perfect Money | AdvCash | Bitcoin

Join 2Captcha

2. ProTypers

ProTypers could be your second job if you have some free time. A beginner can start with $0.45 for each 1000 word images he types correctly and go up to $1.5 for 1000 captcha once he gains some experience. The schedule is flexible and you can type anytime and as long as you want to.

Minimum Payout – $100 for Western Union | $3 for almost all other Payment Options

Payment Options – Debit Cards | Bank Checks | Paypal | Bitcoin | WebMoney | Perfect Money | Payza | Western Union

Join ProTypers

3. VirtualBee / Lionbridge Smart Crowd

VirtualBee is offering different kind of jobs(Translation, Basic internet research and Typing) since 2001 and now a part of the Lionbridge virtual solutions platform. Although there is no special skills or experience you need but good typing speed with accuracy will help you pass the evaluation test which is mandatory to be the part of VirtualBee team. On an average you can make somewhere between $0.10 to $0.35 per 1000 keystrokes.

Minimum Payout – $10

Payment Options – PayPal

Join Lionbridge Smart Crowd

4.  MegaTypers

MegaTypers is perfect for mothers, students and others who have free time and looking for work from home opportunities. MegaTypers is very much similar to the Protypers. Faster you type more typer credit you get and later on typer credit can be exchanged for a dollar currency.

Minimum Payout – $100 for Western Union | $3 for almost all other Payment Options

Payment Options – Debit Cards | Bank Checks | Bitcoin | Paypal | WebMoney | Perfect Money | Payza | Western Union

Join MegaTypers

5. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is one of the top Captcha entry job site. They pay $0.35 to $1 for every 1000 Captcha images you type correctly according to level which you are on. To get inspired , check their latest stats where you will find the top earner. Like most other Captcha Entry Job site , they too are strict so don’t make too much mistakes while typing to keep your accuracy high. You need to have $5 in your account in order to withdraw via PayPal otherwise $1 is the minimum payout for most other withdrawal options.

Minimum Payout – $1

Payment Options  – Litecoins | Yandex Money | Bitcoins | Paypal | Payza | AdvCash

Join Kolotibablo

 6. CaptchaTypers

CaptchaTypers is another genuine Captcha Entry Job site. You need to mail to [email protected] to get admin free of cost. They will mail you from their official email id , so don’t get fooled by any other scammer. You don’t need to pay anything for admin access.

Minimum Payout –  $2

Payment Options – Payza | Perfect Money | Webmoney | Neteller Payment.

Join CaptchaTypers

I believe you can’t do typing all the day. Try to create multiple sources of income. This was all for this post. Thanks for visiting my blog. You might enjoy reading  Top 10 ways to make money online without investment

Advice for Withdrawal – Some people are very impatient. Do not apply for withdrawal until you have good money(at least $10) into your account. Lets assume you apply for withdrawal via Payza when you have $1. There would be a flat fee of $0.30 + Withdrawal Processing Fee. So you end up getting around $0.60(Nearly half of the original) into your Payza Account. What when you apply via same mode when you are having $10 into your account. You get around $9 after a flat $0.30 + Fee cut. So it’s better withdrawing $10 at once than 1 Dollar 10 times.

сайты раздающие биткоины.

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