If for some reason you cannot pass the 2-factor authentication, we can remove it after verifying ownership of your account. 

Here is the form that you need to fill in order to remove 2FA: 

  1. Account Details:1. Screenshot of your account's History (if available) 1.1. Email 1.2. Wallet 1.3. First Name 1.4. Last Name 1.5. Company (if present)  1.6. VAT Code (if present)  1.7. Address 1 1.8. Address 2 1.9. City 1.10. Region 1.11. Country

    1.12. Postal Code

  2. Payment information:1. Information about past purchase(s): invoice ID, quantity of purchased hashrate, price, payment method 2.2. Balance 2.3. Hashrate

    2.4. Pool allocation

In order to speed up the process, please copy the above form, paste it to your request and fill it in as much as you can, before submitting the request! 

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Поддержка HashFlare - hashflare.zendesk.com

Whether or not is it internet banking security or Bitcoin wallet security, they both play big parts in our life as not to get our money stolen. If you are familiar with Internet Banking, I believe you are well aware that every online transaction you make, there will be this 6 digit number will be sent to your mobile phone in order to verify that no one else other than the owner himself is performing the transaction. Also, it is very important that the 6 digit number must not be known by anyone else even the banker as well.

DISCLAIMER: The proceeding article written is solely base on the contributor's experience of the product and deem useful for the audience. This article will contain links that will be affiliated to Hashflare and CEX.IO in conjunction to built awareness of security settings availabilities. Please note that this disclaimer is only applicable to this article and does not apply to any other or future article released. Each article will hold its own disclaimer statement accordingly for audience awareness of the purpose of the article published.

Second Factor Authentication also known as 2FA is known to make sure that it is the owner of the account that verifies a login access or making a transaction. Some companies create their own 2FA security system through e-mail validation. There are also companies which outsource 2FA security system to trust worthy 3rd parties such as Google Authenticator.

So, what are the difference between solely own 2FA security system and 3rd party 2FA security system, or are they just the same? In my personal opinion, companies that uses 3rd party 2FA security system such as Google Authenticator are much better than the ones solely own. The reason is that, for any consequences happens, you available funds hold by the company with solely own 2FA security system have the upper hand to access to your funding account. Unlike Google Authenticator, the security pins are not sent by the fund holding company however, it is Google that sends you the security pins which avoids companies with ill intentions to use such security services.

Knowing that 3rd party 2FA security system will not scrutinize your funding account, it is easy as an identification for any investment companies which provide opportunities for investors to gain trust and invest in their company. First of all, lets take a look on eWallet services such as Bitcoin wallets where we store our hard earned Bitcoins, we would not want them to be stolen by hackers right? Hence company like CEX.IO uses Google Authenticator to ensure their client's funds are safely kept and with their Google Authenticator security setup in their account, they do not need to worry about potential successful hacking attempts as hackers are unable to obtain the security pin generated by Google Authenticator.
CEX.IO Security with Google Authenticator

Another important factor about Google Authenticator is that we can easily identify an investment company is not running an illegal operation. First of all, lets take a look on a potential scam cloud mining website and see how their security setting is. The screenshot shown below is taken from telcominer.com. We are unable to see any 2FA security setting available. Only password. In such cases, if you are investing US$100.00, just expect you will be receiving back US$5.00 and after that, the website admin will just lock down your withdrawal setting with error message. You won't need to waste time hoping for another day which you will be able to make more daily withdrawal profits from your account.

Whereas, for cloud mining company such as Hashflare, they do provide Google Authentication security service for the sake of their client's investment safety. If in any case that Hashflare themselves would want to lock down the daily withdrawal function with an error message, they won't be able to reclaim the credited investment profit in their investor's account because they do not have the access to the Google Authentication security pin to make the transaction. Or worst case that you had use your email account on a scam site with the same password that you are using at Hashflare, the hacker may only be able to access your Hashflare account which is unlikely due to the 2FA pin number required to access and also won't be able to make any account balance withdrawal.
You can see that HashFlare 2FA security is ENABLED

Some other companies such as Kraken that provides cryptocurrencies exchange and trading services take a step further to make the login and transaction to use seperate Google Authenticator pin numbers.

With such security setting available, you won't need to worry much of your account balance to be stolen. Just make sure that every account that you register with is provided with 3rd party 2FA security system. This is a very important function that will not make you lose your money! For every login or transaction that you make, you will receive the code by having the Google Authenticator app installed on your mobile phone. These 6 digit pins will refresh every 60 seconds to change to a newer pin number.

So, now you know what is 2FA and its importance. Check your account for the setting and make sure it is ENABLED!

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Ezg Apps

Cloud mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and Scrypt on hashflare: Cloud mining services make it possible for individuals to take part in the mining process profitably without worrying about the mining hardware, hashpower, electricity and cooling requirements. While there are plenty of cloud mining services out there, HashFlare stands apart from the rest in terms of cost, reliability and operational history.

HashFlare offers the best value Ethereum cloud mining contracts on the market, while allowing you to connect to the mining pool of your choice, which shows that you are purchasing real mining power on Hashflare. This Hashflare review will cover everything you need to know about Hashflare’s cloud mining platform.

*** With its solid company background and reputation, real proof of mining, and the best value Ethereum cloud mining. Hashflare is currently our number one pick for Ethereum cloud mining of all cloud mining services. ***

Company Background

HashFlare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining service offered by a team of experts in the industry. The people behind the platform have years of experience in mining cryptocurrencies and developing the hardware necessary for it. HashFlare is a service offered by a well-known Tallinn, Estonia-based mining equipment company HashCoins.

The company, HashCoins has been designing, developing and selling SHA-256 and Scrypt ASIC miners for over three years and they have also developed a web-based cryptocurrency wallet for Raspberry Pi devices. HashFlare utilizes this expertise to offer low-priced cloud mining contracts for Scrypt, SHA-256, Ethereum, ZCash and DASH cryptocurrencies.

Company Address

Hashcoins LLC

Tartu maantee 43,

10128, Tallinn

Tel: +372 58 738 066

Mail: [email protected]

HashFlare (Subsidiary of HashCoins)

[email protected]

+44 131 564 0074

Tartu mnt 43

Tallinn 10128, Estonia

Value for Money

Some of HashFlare’s cloud mining contracts like Ethereum are the best value in the market. In addition to its existing reputation, HashFlare values transparency of its operations. Details about the company’s data centers and their features are made available on its website. It takes transparency to the next level by allowing its customers to connect to the pools of their choice. In addition, all users are provided access to real-time mining data on their respective dashboards. The platform doesn’t have any hidden fees or commissions included into its pricing structure.

The pricing structure for HashFlare’s Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining contracts are as follows:

Customer Support

As an established cloud mining service provider, HashFlare ensures that all the customers’ queries are answered on time. The platform has most of the issues covered on its FAQs page, and it has included Zendesk integration on the website for direct interaction with the customer support team. Tickets raised are reviewed and resolved quickly by the platform.

Payouts and Payments

Both payouts and payments are hassle-free on HashFlare platform. Customers can make use of the instant withdrawal feature to withdraw their payouts. Users on Scrypt and SHA 256 contracts receive their payouts in Bitcoin whereas those opting for cryptocurrency specific packages — Ethereum, ZCash, and DASH will be paid in the respective cryptocurrencies. There are no specific minimum or maximum withdrawal limits, but the amount of each withdrawal should be more than the requisite miner/transaction fee (to be paid to the blockchain).

Customers can buy HashFlare’s cloud mining contracts through VISA and MasterCard credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, WebMoney and Wire Transfer.


HashFlare takes the platform’s security seriously. The website makes use of COMODO SSL Certificate, and all user accounts come with an option to activate two-factor authentication. The platform urges its users to enable the 2FA option without fail to ensure the additional safety of their funds and any private information associated with the account.


HashFlare has proven itself as a reliable cloud mining service provider with in-depth knowledge of the industry, state-of-the-art infrastructure and affordable plans. The platform’s transparency, allowing users to choose which mining pool to instantly mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and LTC on, ensures Hashflare is one of the more trustworthy cloud mining service providers in the cryptocurrency space. Click here to create your free account and begin cloud mining in minutes. While Hashflare does offer complete transparency, as with all cloud mining opportunities do not invest more than you can afford to lose. We hope this Hashflare review has helped you make an informed decision.

*** With Hashflare’s established reputation, real proof of mining, and the best value Ethereum cloud mining. Hashflare is currently our number one pick for Ethereum cloud mining of all cloud mining services. ***

Disclaimer: CloudMiningReport does not provide any warranties towards the accuracy of the statements in the above HashFlare review. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence of the platform. Bitcoin cloud mining profitability depends on many factors such as the current and future Bitcoin exchange rate, future mining difficulty, and the reliability and security of the service used, including the risk of the service being hacked. As with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more generally, do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

как выводить деньги с биткоин кошелька.

Hashflare - Cloud Mining - Android Apps on Google Play

Hashflare is now one of the largest Cloud Mining providers on the market and has already existed for several years – which makes the provider much more trustworthy than at first sight. Because the site looks like created 10 years ago and never updated again. But we want to make an impression and test Hashflare.io.

Photo: © Screenshot Hashflare

Photo: © Screenshot Hashflare

When you land on the registration page of Hashflare.io the first impression is unfortunately not the best. The site looks old and neglected – once a bad sign for an innovative cloud mining provider. This, of course, does not put us off and we set up an account at Hashflare.io. This works perfectly and in a few minutes a new account has been created at Hashflare.

It is to be hoped that Hashflare has put its capital in excellent mining hardware instead of a designer and translator.

The first click always goes into the security settings. In addition to the default password, which should have at least 32 characters, Hashflare also provides 2 factor authentication(2FA). After activating the 2 factor authentication, each login not only asks for the e-mail address and password combination, but also for a token that is generated on the smartphone. This token is updated every minute, making hackers almost impossible to crack the token. This significantly increases the security of the account.

Photo: © “Screenshot cash-geek.com – Google Authenticator”

All you need is a smartphone and the free app “Google Authenticator”. Note: When setting the 2-step verification, the 2FA code must be saved (this is next to the QR code). We recommend saving this offline – preferably on a piece of paper. With this code the 2FA with the Google Authenticator can be added again after a mobile phone loss or when new equipment is installed.

In addition, you can enter your own wallets (Bitcoin / Ethereum / Dash / ZEC Wallet). Another security factor is that as soon as a wallet address has been changed, the payout is blocked for 2 weeks. This makes it difficult for hackers to instantly lift the stolen coins to their accounts.

Photo: © Screenshot Hashflare

Hashpower at Hasflare.io is intuitive and easy to use, even if you have to click through some forms. In the first step the desired algorithm is selected:

  • SHA-256 or Scrypt for Bitcoin Mining
  • ETHASH for Ethereum
  • X11 for Dash

With a slider you can select the desired hash performance or the appropriate investment.

Photo: © Screenshot Hashflare

Depending on the type of payment I decided to pay by bitcoins, of course. The computing power is immediately available and the cloud hardware starts with the exploration. In our test, we opted for 3 MH / s ETHASH for 1 year Ethereum Mining. Our investment was 66 USD.

Under the Treaties, the exact conditions should be observed. Each contract has different requirements. While, for example, the Ethereum Miners do not have a maintenance fee, the “Maintenance Fee” for Bitcoin SHA-256 Mining is currently 0.0035 USD per 10 GH / s for 24 hours of operation. For this, the computing power at the ETH-Mining is rented for exactly one year, whereas the Bitcoin contracts represent a contract with an unlimited duration.

Photo: © Screenshot Hashflare

But here, too, the small print is to be read: Unlimited running time means that the miners only work in the profitable area. If the maintenance fee is no longer covered by the operation of the Mining machines, they are automatically taken off the grid by Hashflare due to unprofitability. This is a common procedure with most cloud mining providers – but must be included in a return on investment calculation.

Photo: © Screenshot Hashflare

The corresponding mining pool, into which the Hashpower is to be incorporated, can be selected on the overview dashboard. Concerning Ethereum Mining there were adjusted to 50% Dwarfpool.com and the other 50%  to EthereumPool.co.

In addition, some statistics on the own hash values, as well as a sales forecast are provided. According to the forecast, the return on investment should have occurred exactly after 100 days and the invested 66 USD would have been repaid. After that, exactly 265 days remain to earn money with the Cloud computing performance.

Sales forecast: Return on investment reached after 100 days

In my estimation, Hashflare.io is reputable. The company has existed for several years and places great emphasis on transparency in many areas. The fees, costs and revenues are presented well and clearly.

The payout at Hashflare has worked flawlessly and extremely fast. Within a minute, the Ethereum was transferred to the Coinbase Web Wallet. This is a great seriosity factor, because with other vendors, the payout period takes several days and is restrained by restrictions such as a maximum payout amount or horrendous network fees. With HashFlare your own coins can be paid out immediately and without problems.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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