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Print Screen of my account on hashflare using HashFair – reborn plugin in chrome:

Payout for 11/29/2017 with 22th/s sha256: 0.00423393BTC ( $45.40 on btc price: $10931 )

Maintenance fee 22th: 0.00077959BTC ( $8.36 on btc price: $10931 )

My payout – maintenance = 37.04$ !

Sign up now on hashflare:

If you need assistance just contact me:

HashFlare – SHA256 – 22TH/s Payout – 11/29/2017
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Are you starting in bitcoin Bitcoin News and Updates

The bitcoin price continues to hover around 14K US dollars.  I am going to hold off on re-investing today to let the price recover some before pulling the trigger.  My daily mining payout beat my 14 day average by about 4200 Satoshi which is awesome news.  I am not sure yet if that is because I bumped up to 3 Th/s mining or if because I moved to 100% pool allotment as recommended.  Either way, I will take it.

If you look to the top right of the screen while reading this you will see a new item.  I have placed a daily recommended pool allocation box.  This will be updated daily as I make my pool adjustments to make it easier for everyone to see the recommended pool allotments.  We all want the most from our mining and this should make it easier.

What is Hashfair Reborn?

Hashfair reborn is the best chrome extension for hashflare that your not using.  It adds a lot of great information to your hashflare dashboard for you automatically.  Using this extension you will get a much more accurate picture of the profitability of your mining and when you can expect to make your money back from your investment.

You can read an in depth explanation about Hashfair Reborn here, but bottom line is that you should be using it.

bitcoin.conf addnode.

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HashFlare allows the account owner to determine which mining pool to direct their purchased hash rate against. Any coins that are mined by that pool, you are given an allocation of those mined coins based upon your current hashrate allocated to the pool. It is not believed that any mining fees returned by the pool are passed onto HashFlare account holders, but this unconfirmed.

How to set mining pool allocations[edit]

How to select drop-down menu of different pools
  1. On the HashFlare Dashboard Panel, scroll to the mining pool allocation pie chart for the contract type you want to change
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  3. Click on the downward arrow in the right side of the pool names to display the drop-down list of possible pools to pick from
  4. Choose the pool name and allocation % for that pool and click save
  5. You can add another pool by clicking the "Add Pool" button, and choose and allocate the % across multiple pools
  6. You may also delete pools by clicking the red X button
  7. Be sure to hit save when you are done. The dashboard panel may take time to update properly to reflect your new pool changes.

Note: You can only change pool allocations once every 24 hours.

Calculate Return by Mining Pool Allocation[edit]

In the native HashFlare dashboard, it will show you the "Revenue per 1 TH/s" chart, to indicate on each day how much each 1 TH/s returned for you. As you change mining pools you can use this data to determine what pool allocation mix works best for your goals. It is this # x your total TH/s hashrate in your account to know what you returned on that day.

Be aware, the native panel shows you the Pre-Fee return, and depending on the price of BTC at the time, you could have netted far less than the chart tells you. You can use tools like the HashFair Reborn extension to display the charts with the fees already subtracted for a more clear result.

HashFlare Mining Pool FAQ[edit]

Why should I use more than 1 pool?[edit]

Depending on the output of a specific pool, you may hedge your return by picking 2 or more pools vs 1 pool. If the single pool has issues, it may be offline leaving no returns. However this is very rare for the larger pools. That being said, if a single pool is performing above the rest consistently, you may want to stick with it despite the small risk of pool outage.

When should I change my pools?[edit]

Compare the recent historical output of the pool choices and see if you need to re-adjust your pool mix to possibly give more consistent returns.

SHA-256 Mining Pools[edit]

SHA-256 Pool Strategy[edit]

Recently, AntPool has been providing the highest returns consistently, so many account holders choose to use 100% in AntPool for their SHA-256 pool allocations. You may choose to allocate your mix of pools across several of the top pools to diversify in case there are issues with any specific pool as well.

SHA-256 Pool Historical Returns[edit]

  • SHA-256 Pool Tables
  • Best HashFlare Mining Pools Spreadsheet

Scrypt Mining Pools[edit]

Scrypt Pool Historical Returns[edit]

  • Scrypt Pool Tables

ETHASH Mining Pools[edit]

ETHHASH Pool Historical Returns[edit]

  • ETHASH Pool Tables

EQUIHASH Mining Pools[edit]

Pool Name Pool Hashrate Pool Link
Flypool 224.5 MH/s Flypool Home
bitcoin bankomatas.

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  Updated: December 1, 2017

After you download the crx file for HashFair Reborn 2.3, open Chrome's extensions page (chrome://extensions/ or find by Chrome menu icon > More tools > Extensions), and drag-and-drop the *.crx file to the extensions page to install it.

Please verify the crx file integrity after you download:

• File:

• Size: 408.87 KB

• CRC32 Checksum: 00166CAA

• MD5 Checksum: BC153911600D4CD118B47EB06A15013F

• SHA1 Checksum: 259DD8EE980841A25B62C179CD441FB6544B8434

HashFair Reborn a free Accessibility Extension by mhthnz: Analytics for HashFlare cloud mining. Supplement that shows real income on site Automatically ... Read more >

All the apps, games or extensions here are for home or personal use only. If it infringes your copyright, please contact us for removal. HashFair Reborn is the property and trademark of the developer mhthnz, all rights reserved.

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John (oxia21) Twitter

Well boys and girls.  I am not going to sugar coat this for you.  This mining update is not good.  Crypto has taken a pounding across the board today with most currencies down 15 to 20% across the board.  It is so bad, I am not even going to give a giggity for taken a pounding.  The mining pool recommendation is 100% Antpool for today as it still is performing strong.  Even if the price for bitcoin does not show it today, remember, your still making bitcoin.  Find comfort in that.  The price will recover and even now is up .60% over the last hour.

Why is my daily payout so low?

The daily payout for your mining looks low because of the way hashflare pays out to you.  You are paid in bitcoin, which is great because regardless of the current price you are still making bitcoin.  But, remember that your maintenance fee is a set price at .35 cents US per 1 Th/s of mining power.

When the bitcoin price gets low like now, it will take more bitcoin to pay the set fee.  This is both good and bad.  When the bitcoin price is low, your payout will be lower.  However, when the price of bitcoin raises and rebounds, the amount of bitcoin used for the fee is lower.  This does add insult to injury it feels like.  Price is down, and you lose more to the maintenance fee.

This mining update sucks.  Is there any good news?

Just remember.  Your paid in bitcoin.  This insulates you somewhat from the daily fluctuations of the bitcoin price.  Be prudent and hold the line.  In any investing, its never smart to sell low.  Hold now.  The price will rebound and when it does, you have all the bitcoin you have collected during the down price, to then potentially sell during when the price goes up.  A couple months ago bitcoin was worth 20K USD per coin.  You would hate yourself if you sold now and missed the roller coast ride back up.

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