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Privacy is built into the BitcoinDark platform from the ground up and has been built on a proof-of-stake system that is both secure and resistant to attack from centralisation.

BitcoinDark has integrated the decentralised InstantDEX exchange to enable near-realtime trading of currencies, commodities and assets and will enable users to ‘lock’ funds against real-world currencies, commodities and stock indices, redeeming them for their value in BTCD at a later time. 

  • Proof of Work Algorithm:  SHA-256
  • Total Number of Coins: 1.6 million PoW / 22 million total
  • PoW Block Reward:  80 BTCD
  • PoW Blocks:  20,160
  • PoW Target Blocktime:  1 minute
  • Time to Maturity:  100 Confirmations\
  • Proof of Stake Reward:  5% per year
  • Minimum Coin Stake Age:  8 hours
  • 1.5% premine to be used for development purposes.  The premine will NOT be dumped for personal gain.
  • RPC Port:  14632
  • P2P Port:  14631

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биткоин приват24.

Pooled mining - Bitcoin Wiki

Pool Features

  • The most profitable and fair RBPPS.
    True round based payment system, proportional your shares
  • Greatly optimized stratum pool engine,
    the small reject ratio and the best vardiff possible
  • Maxmimum transparent and detailed statistic
  • Monitoring of every rig via email
  • No registration required
  • No transaction fee, no stealing shares, no hidden fees
  • Autopayouts once an hour
  • Separate workers for detailed per rig statistics
  • Powerful dedicated servers worldwide.Choose the closest one as a main server, the others as backup or use them at once.

    All your shares will be calculated from all servers!

  • 100% failover-infrastructure uptime
  • DDoS protection by different providers
  • Not P2Pool! Less orphaned blocks
  • "Fake shares" attack resistant
  • Excellent Support 24/7 in english, русский, deutsch

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Getting started Expanse

Mining command line

ethminer.exe -G -F

You can determine your rigs separately for better statistic. Determine workername with letters and numbers

ethminer.exe -G -F

You can also mine direct to any exchange

To enable email-monitoring of your worker, use email in url. To disable monitoring, restart your miner without email.

ethminer.exe -G -F

and without workers

ethminer.exe -G -F

Example wallet 0xdbc1941477ec7877705202b40ac3a765093a5de9, worker rig1 and [email protected] for monitoring

ethminer.exe -G -F[email protected]

Install ethminer

Official binary and source code Windows Linux

Stratum Proxy v0.0.5. Additional 10%~20% increase of earning compared to standard getwork and failover option

Download Github Source code and/or Linux Windows

Replace pool servers and ports in config example!

Command line to miner start, recommended farm-recheck to use with stratum-proxy is 200

./ethminer --farm-recheck 200 -G -F

How to install

Don't use the option "--no-precompute" on ethminer

Example of BAT file for start of miner with one videocard:

setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100 ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200 -G -F

   --opencl-device 1 --cl-local-work 128 --cl-global-work 8192

Pool wallet 0xdbc1941477ec7877705202b40ac3a765093a5de9

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