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Setting up ASICMiner’s Block Erupters to work with CGminer

You just received your ASICMiner’s Block Erupter and you’re ready to get it mining for some Bitcoins, but you can’t seem to find the instructions anywhere.  After few hours of digging on Bitcoin Talk I was able to get a few Block Erupters mining Bitcoins in no time.  These instructions worked for me on Windows 7 while mining with CGminer.

What you will need:

1. Plug your Block Erupter USB Miner into your computer or USB Hub for Block Erupters if you have multiple Block Erupters. Keep in mind that if you’re plugging multiple Block Erupters in to a hub you will need to invest in a powered USB Hub, while the Erupter pulls dramatically less power then GPU, they will still require ~ 2,5 watts according to the specs.
2. If you have not installed the the driver for the Block Erupters yet, go ahead and run the driver you downloaded from

3. If the driver was setup successfully you will see your Erupters in your list of devices (Control Panel – Devices and Printers).  Make sure you make a note of what COM port your device is connected to (see below).

4. If you’re familiar with CGMiner, then you are all set to run your CGMiner.  Instead of running cgminer.exe make sure you use cgminer-nongpu.exe.  If you you want to create a shortcut, just create the following command line:

cgminer-nogpu.exe -o [pool]:[port] -u [username_worker] -p [password] --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM3 -S //./COM4 -S //./COM5

Make sure you make the proper changes with the proper COM port that your device is plugged into (the COM Port number from Device and Printers)

5. Start your CGMiner (I tested successfully on CGMiner 3.1.1   If your Block Erupters are setup correctly, you should see familiar CGMiner mining screen.

In the next few days I will update using different Bitcoin Miners as well as instructions on different OS as I get my hands on them.   I am interested to test the rumor that these Block Erupters can operate off Raspberri Pi while achieving close to 400 MHs.

If you have problems getting CGMiner to work with your Block Erupters, I’ve added instructions on how to setup Block Erupters with BFGminer here

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Bitcoin mining with Block Erupter USB miner and BFGMiner

I’ve previously made a post on how to use your Block Erupters using CGMiner, personally it worked for me when I was running a few erupters on a hub but as I increased my mining network and I started to use hundreds of erupters, I noticed CGMiner became a little bit buggy.  So I decided to give BFGMiner a try, and so far I’ve been able to run over a 100 block erupters using BFGMiner without a problem.

What you will need:

BFGMiner Download: [Updated 10.4.2013]
BFGMiner for Windows 64-Bit – V3.2.1
BFGMiner for WIndows 32-Bit – V3.2.1

8.22.2013 – I was just informed the download doesn’t seem to be working, I’ve uploaded the copy I use which is BFGMiner 3.1.3  3.2.1 Win64 (Mirror: 64 Bit Here | 32 Bit Here)

Block Erupter COM device driver:
Download Driver Here

1. Download and install the driver for you Block Erupter.

2. Plug in your Block Erupters, Each Erupter requires at least 0.5A at 5V if you’re plugging them into a USB hub.  If you’re need more information about which USB hub to use with your ASIC Block Erupter, visit our USB hub comparision page.  Once you’ve properly installed the driver and your erupters are plugged in, you should see them appear in your Devices and Printers like the picture below.

3. Find the folder where you save BFGMiner and unzip the files.

4. Right-click bfgminer.exe and Create Shortcut.

5. Right click the shortcut to bfgminer-shortcut and click on Properties

6. Find the “target” box, and add the following information:

  • -G (if not using a graphics card on the same machine)
  • -S all
  • –icarus-options 115200:1:1 –icarus-timing 3.0=100

You can then move the shortcut to your desktop for easier access.  To access your BFGMiner, double click on the shortcut you made and your miner should start.

You should read though the README.TXT file that came with the BFGMiner zip file to get to know how the miner works and it’s functions if you’re not familiar with BFGMiner program.


5 Best USB Bitcoin Miner ASIC Devices Comparison Block Erupter

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Aug 19, 2013 ... Plug in your Block Erupters, Each Erupter requires at least 0.5A at 5V if you're plugging them into a USB hub. If you're need more information about which USB hub to use with your ASIC Block Erupter, visit our USB hub comparision page. Once you've properly installed the driver and your erupters are ...

Jun 27, 2017 ... USB Bitcoin miners are available to buy, but they don't really generate any significant profits. They're a good choice if you just want to fool around with Bitcoin mining and miners like the Antminer S9, S7, S5, Antminer R4, SP20, and Avalon6 are too expensive for you. You should buy one to learn how ...

Buy Avalon Nano 3 Newest USB 3.6Gh/s Asic Bitcoin Miner: USB Flash Drives - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. ... With all Driver's/Info, Conveniently printed on your miner's Packaging! ... $124.95. GekkoScience Asic Rev.2 Double chip 2-Pac Compac-2 USB Stick Bitcoin Miner 15gh/s+…

This is called an ASIC miner or a Block Erupter. Now this is basically just a chip that has one job and that is to mine for Bitcoins. It could be powered by USB so you could plug a bunch of these into a USB port. Now this specific one mines at a rate of 335 megahashes per second. So, what I have is I have six of them so these ...

May 27, 2014 ... At this point, unless you steal power from the electrical grid in some weird squat or you have your own hydroelectric plant, home bitcoin mining is a sucker's..

Nov 23, 2013 ... We love Bitcoin, and while we haven't done much mining since GPUs got involved, last week Josh saw some little ASICMiner Block Eruptor USB sticks ... ( we used 3.8.2); Download the "zadig" USB Driver installer; Plug in all your USB sticks; Use zadig to install drivers for your USB sticks; Run the miner!

Butterfly Labs manufactures a line of high speed ASIC bitcoin miner and encryption processors for use in bitcoin mining hardware and research, telecommunication and security applications.

5-What you found Did Not Work or Caused Issues and Why. 6-USB Hubs and links to any hardware you Found Exceptional. 7-Any Ideas regarding all the above. 8-Any info; Links to Software, Drivers, or Anything You'd Like To See on this main page (PM me) are Welcome!!! Thanks for TWEAKING your "RIG ...

South Korean tech giant Samsung has reportedly jumped on the cryptocurrency train, and is now mass producing ASIC chipsets specialized for mining certain types of ASIC-based coins. News about this development from The Bell Korea does not point out whether Samsung's ASIC chipset is based on the SHA256 or scrypt mining standard, but with Bitcoin being the most popular and valuable coin out there, SHA256 is the more
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 20:34:47

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, ASIC hardware is in high demand. Although many people would associate this type of hardware with Bitcoin or Litecoin mining, there are devices suited for other currencies as well. More specifically, Bitmain has announced the Antminer A3, which is designed specifically for the Blake (2b) algorithm. So far, there is only one (major) currency which uses this algorithm. Fans of Siacoin will be pleased to hear that this
Thu, 18 Jan 2018 17:10:48

Siacoin (SC) is weathering the current cryptocurrency market nosedive pretty well today. At the moment, this coin is down just 5%. Compared to the rest of the highest-net-worth coins, that's a very upbeat situation. Most of the top-ranked cryptocurrency options are sinking into the double digits. Ethereum (ETH), for example, is trading 27% lower today. Ripple (XRP) is down by 32%. The Siacoin price descent over the past week, on the other hand,
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 15:40:24

El fabricante de mineros de criptoactivos Baikal Miner, anunció el lanzamiento de su nuevo equipo ASIC, el Baikal Giant-B. Este tiene la capacidad de minar criptomonedas de cinco algoritmos distintos, de los que algunos ni siquiera contaban con dispositivos de este tipo. Con el Baikal Giant-B será posible minar los algoritmos Blake256R14 (Decred), Blake256R8, Blake2B (Siacoin), LBRY y Pascal. En la actualidad, los equipos de minería ASIC se
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bitcoin gold pool suprnova.

Bitcoin block erupter usb asic miner -

USB Bitcoin miners are available to buy, but they don’t really generate any significant profits.

They’re a good choice if you just want to fool around with Bitcoin mining and miners like the Antminer S9, S7, S5, Antminer R4, SP20, and Avalon6 are too expensive for you.

You should buy one to learn how mining works, but other than that don’t expect much! If you are serious about making profit then check out better Bitcoin mining hardware.

You can always check the profitability of a USB miner using our mining calculator.

Don’t Get Confused

There is USB Bitcoin mining hardware, which mines bitcoins.

There are also Bitcoin hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S, which store bitcoins.

Both are USB type devices that have completely separate functions!

Bitcoin USB Miners Comparison

ASICMiner Block Erupter USB 330MH/s Sapphire Miner

The Sapphire Block Erupters were the first Bitcoin USB miners. They have 330 MH/s of hash power which would net you less than $0.01 per month.

It may be a good choice just to see how mining works, but like with most USB miners: do not expect to turn a profit.

GekkoScience Compac USB Stick Bitcoin Miner

The GekkoScience miners is just slightly better than the original block erupters.

It will net you about $0.15 per month, which is more than a dollar per year! The company claims that the device runs completely silent. It works with just one USB port.

Avalon Nano 3

The Avalon Nano 3 is a 3.6 GH/s miner, which will earn you about $1 per year. No fan is required and it just plugs into your USB port on any computer.

Bitmain Antrouter R1 Wifi Solo Bitcoin Miner

The Bitmain AntRouter isn’t exactly a USB miner, but it is similar. It’s low cost, but with that you get a low GH/s at just 5.5 GH/s which is a little over $1 per year.

The plus side is it works as a wireless router, so you can do some mining while providing internet for all your devices.

21 Bitcoin Computer

The 21 Bitcoin Computer isn’t the typical USB Bitcoin miner. It does, however, plugin to your computer via USB. In terms of $ / hash rate, it’s not a very good choice.

But since it’s still technically a USB miner we have included it in this list.

If you’re not impressed, we don’t blame you! USB Bitcoin mining was only profitable when Bitcoin was in its early years. If you just want bitcoins then invest in serious mining hardware or just buy bitcoins.

More Bitcoin Mining Hardware ASICs (None-USB)

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USB Block Eruptor ASIC for Bitcoin mining The Lonely Footpad

Have you purchased a USB Bitcoin miner and need to learn how to set it up?

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