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zzBitcoin is a brand new Faucetbox faucet based on the MiniFaucet script. It originally offered rewards of 1500 satoshi every 59 minutes, before rather confusingly changing to a 12 hour claim period (perhaps due to rapid uptake during the first few days).

zzBitcoin has since rebalanced their rewards and timer, now offering 1000 satoshi every 30 minutes up to a jackpot of 500,000 satoshi! It remains to be seen whether this is a sustainable amount for the admin (who I have tried to contact via email, to no avail) to maintain.

That being said, I have successfully cashed out my earnings without any trouble at all:

The site is protected (hardly) by the old-style Recaptcha. If the admin sees this review, I HIGHLY suggest you upgrade your site to Funcaptcha to ensure you aren’t botted like I was!

The site is smooth and easy to use, although I do have some criticism – firstly referrals aren’t visible and also the commission is an unknown amount (it was 50%) – that aside, this zzBitcoin is proving to be a very popular site and is featured site on my faucets at present.

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