Salad «Russian beauty»

Salad «Russian beauty»


Potatoes — 500 Gr
Ham — 350 Gr
Cucumber — 200 Gr
Eggs — 4 Pieces
Chicken fillet — 300 Gr
Cheese — 300 Gr
Tomatoes — 350 G
Mayonnaise — 350 G
Salt, pepper — to taste


Prepare all the ingredients. Boil the potatoes until tender, grate on a coarse grater. Ham cut in small cubes or slices. Cucumber cut into thin slices. The eggs boil hard boiled and grate on a coarse grater. Chicken fillet boil until cooked and break into fibers. Cheese we shall RUB on a coarse grater. Tomatoes we shall cut small cubes. Salt, pepper ingredients to taste.
Take the appropriate form for the salad .
Put layers of potato, ham, cucumber, eggs, chicken, cheese and tomatoes. Each layer do not forget to spread with mayonnaise.
Decorate the salad with greens, olives, cucumbers, red fish, etc.
Give the salad stand for a couple of hours in the refrigerator and served to the table.



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