“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Apples are known to be among the most sought-after fruits in the entire world. It is cultivated worldwide. Apples are an excellent source of vital antioxidants, flavonoids along with dietary fiber. The nutrients and the antioxidants present in apples are helpful for diminishing the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, etc.

Apple is delicious in taste, usually, it is eaten in the raw form but it is also used in various culinary. There is a wide array of apples found in this world. Red and green apple is commonly consumed by people for dietary benefits.

Nutritive Facts:

A 100 grams apple contains:

  • Calories- 52
  • Water content- 86%
  • Protein- 0.3 g
  • Carbohydrate- 13.8 g
  • Glucose- 10.4 g
  • Fiber- 2.4 g
  • Fat- 0.2 g
  • Saturated- 0.03 g
  • Monounsaturated- 0.01 g
  • Polyunsaturated- 0.05 g
  • Omega-3- 0.01 g
  • Trans fat- Nil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Polyphenols(antioxidants)

Here are some impressive benefits of apple listed below.

  1. Weight Losing Agent :

Weight Losing Agent

Being high in fiber and low in energy density, apples work marvelously for shedding those extra pounds accumulated in the body. It tastes greatly delicious and thus losing weight is no more a cumbersome job.

  1. Loaded With Antioxidants-

Apples are considered to reduce the risk of heart ailments. The main reason behind this is that it contains polyphenols which possesses antioxidant effects. Especially the peel of an apple is concentrated with the nutritive qualities.

  1. Effective in Reducing Risk of Diabetes and Blood Sugar :

Reducing Risk of Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Numerous studies have suggested that eating apples on a regular basis help to lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is advised by health experts that the polyphenols present in apples helps to inhibit tissue impairment to beta cells in the pancreas.

  1. Apples are Beneficial for Energizing :

Apples can be consumed to be energetic all time. This is the prime reason that the gym instructors suggest us to munch an apple before the workout regime. The antioxidants present in the apple helps our body to avail adequate source of oxygen supply by regulating the blood circulation. Eating apple is very much useful for those who exercise daily and maintain a fitness regime always.

  1. Wonderful Substance for Rejuvenating Skin :

Apples are believed to remove or exfoliate the dead cells. It helps to boost the collagen production. This, in turn, keeps our skin hydrated all day long. If anyone is suffering from skin irritations or any sort of inflammations, just quench a glass of freshly made apple juice (try to avoid canned apple juice as it contains preservatives that are not good for health).

  1. Apples Act As An Anti-Aging Agent-

Apples contain vitamin C, it also enhances collagen production that prevents premature ageing and even diminishes the wrinkles on the face.

Homemade apple face mask can be easily made to avail the benefits out it directly on to the skin. Just peel of a medium-sized apple, blend it in a mixer. Combine 2-3 tablespoons of honey (for dry skin) / lemon juice (oily skin) with the paste. Apply it on the face and let it dry. Wash it off and feel the difference. It will leave your skin glowing like never ever!

  1. Enhances Respiratory Health :

Consuming apple in any form will aid to improvise your lungs health. The decent amount of soluble fibers present in apple assists to prevent various respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma, etc.

  1. Anti-Cancerous Food :

Apples are abundant in anti-inflammatory agents, anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative properties and also flavonoids. All these have the capacity to lessen the scope of pancreatic cancer. Professional Health experts suggest that regular consumption of apples is beneficial to protect the body from mammary tumors too.

  1. Detoxifying Substance :

The liver is the only organ in our body that is solely liable to flush out the toxins from our body. Opting for detox diets is not at all a healthy option. Substitute detoxing diets with eating an apple in the form of fruit or as fruit juice. It will help to maintain a healthy liver.

  1. It Inhibits Cataracts :

Several case studies have suggested that having a diet that is loaded with useful antioxidants may prevent the formation of cataracts. Eating apples is known to extinguish the formation of cataracts.

  1. Useful for Improving Immunity :

Apples possess a vital antioxidant known as quercetin. It is usually found in red tasty apples. This particular antioxidant helps to improve the immunity and enhance the resistance power of the body. Fibers are also beneficial for increasing the immunity power. That is why apples are revered as high immunity-boosting food.

  1. Helpful in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease :

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

The patients who are the victims of the deadly ailment named Alzheimer’s disease, the nerve cells of their brain are damaged. Consuming apple juice daily will help to renovate the damaged and ruined cells as it contains flavonoids. Drinking apple juice (homemade suggested) will diminish the risk of Alzheimer’s.

  1. Apples Can be Effective for Inhibiting Gallstones :

When the cholesterol level increases abruptly in our bile, the formation of gallstone starts. It begins to solidify eventually in the gall bladder. Mostly obese people are prone to stone formation. Doctors recommend a diet that is rich in fiber to help to lose weight and cholesterol levels. Apples are a great source of pectin fiber which is beneficial in managing the cholesterol levels in the body.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth :

Apples are believed to be a good source for stimulating hair growth and nourishing the health of hair. This property is solely credited to the presence of biotin. Biotin is a vital nutrient that is responsible for the growth of hair and nails. Patients who suffer from hair loss due to many reasons are advised to intake a meal that includes biotin in it. It is useful in infusing strength and thickness into every strand of hair.


Apples are likely safe for almost every people, with very few exceptions. The seeds of the apple must be removed and should be in no way consumed. It contains cyanide and hence are poisonous. Eating plenty apple seeds may be fatal.


The health benefits associated with the apples are innumerable and unbelievable. SO without a second thought incorporate this healthiest and nutritive fruit into your diet to remain fit, healthy and super energized.

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