Ginger is one of the commonest spices found in every household kitchen. It’s been measured as a therapeutic spice as well as an important culinary ingredient in many traditional cultures all over the world. Surprisingly enough, ginger is a magical herb that possesses innumerable health benefits, which are eventually evident. People now-a-days are well aware of the benefits which can be gained by the consumption of ginger. Those who wish to avail the benefits of ginger may consume it as fresh, in powdered form, in oil form, or may even dry up as a spice. It can even be consumed as a juice which will boost up your metabolic system.

The anecdotal nutritional details of a whole cup of chopped ginger are mentioned as follows:-

  • Gingerol – A vital substance with beneficial curative properties
  • 80 calories
  • Less than 18 grams of carbohydrates
  • 2 grams of fiber and protein
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Folate ( a form of Vitamin- B)
  • Riboflavin ( vital for growth and overall sound health )
  • Niacin( a form of Vitamin- B3)

Let’s have a look at how well does ginger work on our body to keep us well-being.

health benefits of ginger tea

  1. Ginger Helps to Reduce Muscle Pain and Soreness:

Ginger is evidently effective to reduce muscle pain caused by heavy exercise or overload. A case study states that consuming 2 grams of ginger every day till 11 days will considerably lessen the muscle pain in individuals.

It does not give an instant output, but if consumed with patience regularly it will definitely reflect its qualities.

  1. Ginger Assists in Subduing Nausea:

It’s often been advised to savor a ginger toffee while someone is feeling puckish during a car or bus ride. Do you know why it is suggested so? It is because some people have motion sickness, a medical condition which leads to vomiting, dizziness and giddiness also. Ginger has proved to be a marvelous remedy to diminish nausea caused by travel, pregnancy or other health issues. It helps to soothe an upset stomach.

  1. Bloat, Gas and Constipation are Cured by Ginger:

As ginger contains the much needed digestive enzyme known as zingibain which subsequently assists the body to break down the protein, it is well efficient to cure bloating, constipation as well as gastritis related problems. Often, people who experience bloating, the only thing that strikes their mind is to have a full meal which eventually leads to further degradation of health. Rather at that point, brew a cup of ginger tea- which is very simple to make.

Here are the Steps: Chop few thin slices of raw and fresh ginger and let it boil in a mug of hot water. Add tea leaves into it, and if required you may add a little bit of sugar. Relish the drink by sipping it slowly and steadily. If not possible to make it, you may buy readymade ginger tea leaves which can be instantly made. (Always remember that homemade remedies bestows the best result and has an amazing impact on your health as compared to readymade products)

ginger benefits and side effects

  1. Ginger is a Wonderful Remedy for Fighting Against Infections:

With the onset of winter, many people are prone to have infections. In that case, just sip fresh ginger juice. As mentioned earlier, it contains gingerol which is an active substance in ginger that helps to fight off the viruses and bacteria responsible for causing infections. It must be noted that dried ginger is less effective than fresh ginger, so while buying it please be careful and choose a ginger that has smooth and immaculate skin.

  1. Prevents from Cold and Flu:

Ginger acts as a preventive measure for cold and flu. Those who are prone to have cold frequently may take ginger with honey or may enjoy a cup of hot ginger tea on a daily basis. It will improve your health and immunize the resistance system.

  1. Ginger Works an Antidote for Osteoarthritis:

Now-a-days 10% men and 13% women aged 60 years or older are being severely affected by osteoarthritis. It damages the joint in our body, especially hands, knees, hips and spine. Osteoarthritis is considered in medical terms as “degenerative joint disease” which is referred to as the most chronic disorder of the joints of our body.

According to research conducted on 247 individuals suffering from Osteoarthritis of the knee and other joints of the body who consumed ginger extract experienced much less pain and consequently needed less pain therapy.

  1. Ginger as an Anti-Diabetic Medicine:

Having powerful anti-diabetic properties, ginger helps drastically to lessen blood sugar levels along with ameliorating the heart disease risk factors.

  1. It Helps to Diminish Menstrual Cramps:

Women know how it feels during those 5 days of every month when they have to go through a whole deal of ordeal. Menstrual cramps, which are generally a severe pain in the lower abdomen in women is a serious issue which may lead to further chronic health problems in the future.

In order to eradicate the menstrual cramps, boil 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped ginger in hot water (1 cup), strain it after 5mins and relish it with honey or lemon. Have it and feel the change ladies!

  1. Ginger Helps to Resist Inflammation:

According to Gans, gingerol is a rich source of antioxidant present in ginger which helps to extinguish inflammation. The case study suggests that ginger extracts help to reduce stiffness in the body.

Ginger oil is also an essential remedy to fight inflammation. Just chop or grate 4 tablespoons of fresh ginger, boil it in mustard or olive oil and massage on your body. It will give a relaxing effect.

  1. It May have Cancer Fighting Qualities:

A recent study shows that the essential nutrients present in ginger seem to lessen some signs of inflammation in colon cancer. Though there is way more to go for research on the effects of ginger on this life-taking disease, it’s been told that the participants of the research consumed a large dose of the medicinal herb, approximately 250-milligram capsules per day.

  1. It is Very Effective for Lowering Cholesterol Levels:

It’s a known fact to everyone that high level of cholesterol is generally associated to an amplified risk of heart disease. The foods that we consume have a resilient impact on the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels.

In a case study conducted on 85 patients having high cholesterol, a mere 3 grams of ginger powder caused the significantly lower level of cholesterol. This remedy is also useful for controlling blood triglycerides.

  1. Ginger May be Used as a Protective Shield Against Alzheimer’s Disease:

Almost 50% of the 85+ aged people have Alzheimer’s disease.  It is considered as the age-related cognitive decline.

Ginger can prove as an effective panacea for this ailment. It helps to enhance the functions of the brain. Consuming ginger extracts helps to keep the working memory active.

ginger benefits for skin

  1. It Helps Effectively for Weight Loss:

Weight loss regime is usually related to a tough practice to be continued to achieve the desired results, as one has to sacrifice their favourite foodstuffs. But in general herbs and spices are advantageous in shedding weight. It is just because the added flavours tricks to satisfy the person with lower-calorie foods. Ginger is one such ingredient that will please your taste buds as well as assist you in shedding off the extra pounds that you have put on.

For that, you just have to simply sprinkle some ginger powder on to yogurt while you are having breakfast accompanied with some berries.

  1. Ginger Helps to Extinguish Allergy and Asthma:

Zerumbone, an active substance found in ginger is helpful to response and assists with the Th2 allergic effect of the egg white protein (also known as albumin).

It is also an effective remedy that works magically to reduce asthma. Ginger lessens smooth muscle shrinkage in the air passage by dropping acetylcholine-induced shrinkage.

  1. A Vital Remedy for Liver:

Ginger is a vital curative remedy for the patients of tuberculosis. It prevents the liver from toxicity caused due to anti-tuberculosis drugs.

So this popular and common ingredient has so many health benefits. Avail of the medicinal properties of ginger but under proper supervision. In no way it should be consumed during pregnancy, or who has gallstones, or blood clotting disorder without the doctor’s guidance. In general, it is safe to consume and has no known side effects so far for maximum people.

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