We all have munched onto almonds from time to time, haven’t we? Almonds are delicious nuts which taste yummy and go very well simply with a glass of milk or even in salads. Almonds are also a great day beginner for us and go marvellously well with our body system when it is taken as the first thing in the morning. Like all nuts, Almonds is loaded with super good nutritional properties and takes care of our health in a multitude of ways. Have a look at the below pointers to get a glimpse of the ways in which almonds are beneficial for us.

Benefits of Almonds

1. Good For Your Heart

Almonds, when taken in the appropriate amount are superb for your heart. They have healthy monounsaturated fats in them which work absolutely great for your cardiovascular activity. Also, these little drops shaped beauties also have a stock full of antioxidants in them which prevent cardiovascular diseases. Almonds are also packed full of minerals like magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium which once again works wonders for our cardiac system. The flavonoids which are available through the almond skins Almonds make your arteries stronger and studies by researchers also show that by having regular dosage of almonds included in your diet you reduce the risk of suffering from a heart attack by almost 50%. So pop in those almonds, and remember while having them that you are doing absolute favour to your heart!

2. Good For Your Brain Too!

See! This is how good this gorgeous nut is. It facilitates well-being for both the major organs that we have. This is because it is filled with riboflavin as well as L-carnitine which are absolutely fantastic as far as neurological activities of our bodies are concerned. These nutrients also ensure that we can prevent untimely cognitive degeneration from occurring, which also thus reduces the risk of facing up to the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. So keep adding those almonds to your dietary regime and you will feel the difference for sure.

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3. Get That Shining Mane of Hair

Almonds have essential oil in them which works wonders for our scalp and hair. It helps in maintaining a healthy mane of hair. Almond oil is one the best in kind which works wonders for our hair. Rub it in regularly and you are bound to see the difference. So, when you have almonds the next time, remember that the lovely shine on your hair will reflect how true you have been to add almonds to your diet.

4. Gorgeous Skin for You

Almonds are one of the richest sources of Vitamin E, and we all know what that means! Vitamin E is a miracle worker for our skin and thus when eating almonds regularly, the effect automatically translates into the beautiful, supple and soft skin. Almond oil consists of catechin, epicatechin and flavonol oxidants in high value as well as other nutrients which make it so good that it can keep even skin cancer at bay. It helps us fight with skin issues arising out of excess UV exposure, pollution as well as an irregular diet system. Not only this, Almond oil packed with such awesome nutrients that it is also great for baby massage.

5. To Prevent Cancer with Almonds

Almonds are rich in a particular type of Vitamin E, called the gamma-tocopherol. Now, what this does is that it acts a very strong anti-oxidant and helps in the fight with damage caused by free radicals along with the stress that is oxidative in nature. This in combination helps in the fight against cancer. Go, do yourself much-required favour and have those almonds on a regular basis.

6. Looking To Lose The Extra Kilos?

When you have a couple of nuts as the first thing in the morning, then you help yourself by getting your appetite filled up. This assists us in losing some crucial weight as we do not feel hungry for a substantial period of time. This helps us in curbing our habit of food at irregular times and also prevents us from snacking on unhealthy food items. Have an almond or two when you feel hungry at odd times and this will help you in maintaining your diet schedule in a most gratifying manner.

7. Makes Your Bad Cholesterol Go Away!

Several researchers have proved with their studies that almonds when taken regularly and in proper quantities help in making the “bad” cholesterol go away. Almonds are such beautifully packed nuts with nutrients that it helps in keeping a consistent blood pressure level as well as a comfortable cholesterol level.

8. Looking for Good Bones and Teeth?

Almonds along with several other nutrients also have a substantial quantity of phosphorus in it, and we all know how this translates when converted into bone and teeth care! Phosphorus is an essential ingredient of our bones and teeth. Any supplement we get for this mineral is bound to help in keeping a good set of teeth and having strong bone joints. The next time you have almonds, remember that your bones and teeth are definitely the food they are looking for!

almond benefits

9. Do Not let Your Nervous System Get Nervous!

Ayurveda states very clearly that almonds are very good for our nervous system. When we are having almonds on a regular basis, we are allowing the wonderful nutrients to soak into our system and that will be working miracles for our very important nervous system.

10. Get Your Sugar Levels in Control

Along with so many other benefits almonds also help in regulating and maintaining the glucose level in our body. This is essential when we start thinking about it in terms of diabetes. Almonds help in maintaining this critical balance which is so crucial for our well-being.

11. Maintains the All-Important Alkaline Balance

It is astonishing that Almonds are one of the very few proteins and also one of the few nuts which are alkaline-forming in nature. It is very important that our body maintains its alkaline balance as without this we might end up with diseases like osteoporosis, weight gain as well as diminished immunity system.

Now that it is crystal clear on why Almonds are massively good for us, we should inculcate a habit of including this magical nut in our daily diet.

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