“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the prettiest of all?” Haven’t we heard this time and again right from our childhood? Have we not dreamt of always having supple skin and beauty which helps us in shocking time? Well, the trick of remaining pretty and fresh as a daisy for all of us lies within our own Mother Nature’s lap. There are several foods which we have among us which help us in retaining our youthful charm and lock our age. Have a look at the list of the below-stated food items which will help us in looking younger. These are our very own magic potions readily available for us, all we need to do is use and have them appropriately.

Love Those Lobsters

foods that make you look older

Are you a Lobster Lover? If yes, then we have some awesome news for you. Lobster being high in the mineral zinc hence helps in maintain our skin health. It helps in the treatment of several skin ailments as well as responsible for the regeneration of skin cells which means that our skin gets a new life every now and then. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties which help keep acne away. So, there, now you have a yummilicious way of keeping your skin acne free and gorgeous.

Blueberries are Blue Gems

food to look younger naturally

Have fun while having blueberries? Love their tangy taste? Now, you have an additional reason of loving them. These blue gems are powerhouses of Vitamin C and E and we all know how good and blessed that sounds for our skin. Have these berries and you are almost certain to let your skin shine through and get back to its beautiful natural glow. The wonderful thing about using these natural foods is that you let nature do its work in its own calm efficient way without risking any side effects.

Fruits are Wonderful

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Nature has been truly kind to us and blessed us with an abundance of truly majestic fruits which not only taste like the best thing on earth but come accompanied with a plethora of nutrients beneficial for us in numerous ways. Of these fruits, pomegranate is one which needs special mention. It is packed full of nutrients which make it ideal for people suffering from anemia. Not only this, it has a component called punicalagin which is said to preserve the collagen in our skin. Pineapple is another fruit which other being super tasty also comes with bags full of manganese which helps in collagen production, which is obviously marvelous for our skin. Watermelon is another fruit which boosts the level of moisture in our cell’s thus giving a much-hydrated skin which keeps our skin looking younger for a longer range of time. This happens mostly because of the Lycopene component found in the watermelon. Figs are yet another important skin nutrient provider. Figs contain flavonoids and polyphenols which helps in the detoxification of our skin. This is a vital step for maintaining a healthy skin. Avocado, which is rich in potassium, fiber and monounsaturated fats is a dream come true for every person who loves taking care of their skin. It is tasty as well as a fantastic way to keep your age locked for a long long time.

Those Veggies Do More Than Look Good

diet to look younger skin

The Veggies which taste so yum and add the very essential structure to all our meals, actually do much more than that. They care for our skin very much and this exactly one more reason why we should incorporating them regularly into our meals. Spinach for one (As Popeye keeps on saying!) is absolutely marvelous for us. It has ingredients which help in maintaining the firmness of our skin and also prevents from any damage which can occur in our skin due to sun exposure. Tomatoes do exactly the same work as watermelon and thus when added as a salad ingredient should be heartily eaten as it they are great for maintaining the skin moisture. Sweet Potatoes are another magical ingredient which should be consumed often as they help in keeping our skin clear and young. It has loads of carotenoids and vitamin A which works wonders for our skin.

Get Up And Have Some Coffee!

look younger diet plan

The risk of suffering from Skin Melanoma which is a very common form of cancer can be highly reduced by having a proportionate amount of coffee. Researchers have found out through extensive study that chances of getting melanoma can be reduced greatly if you regularly consume coffee.

Green Tea Is Good For a Lot of Reasons

diet to look younger skin

We all know the myriad benefits of having green tea. Other than helping us lose weight, green tea contains polyphenol components which help in preventing damage caused to the skin through sun exposure. It helps in getting rid of free radical toxins which are very harmful for our skin.

Why Is Red Wine Healthy?

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Over a long period of time, it has been stressed that red wine has several good properties when consumed in a conditioned amount. It very definitely assists in the anti-ageing process as it helps in reducing the pace with which our cells age.

Coconut Oil is Super Good

diet to look younger skin

We all are aware that keeping our skin hydrated is one of the most essential steps for having a skin which glows and stays young. We are lucky that we have coconut oil in abundance which helps in maintaining our skin moisture balance. It has super content if healthy fats and oil which lets our skin remain hydrated for a good period of time.

Turmeric – The All Rounder

food to look younger naturally

Turmeric is an ingredient which has buckets full of super impressive qualities. Other than healing qualities which is widely known, turmeric is fantastic when it comes to maintaining the natural glow of the skin. It is absolutely the go-to product for all of us in case you find an irregularity of your skin.

Be as Sweet as Honey!

what foods to eat to make you look younger

Honey is another go-to ingredient for us when it comes to foods which will help us, when it comes to maintaining skin youth. Honey is a natural antioxidant and has properties which are anti-inflammatory in nature. These combined make it a fabulous skin product when applied and used proportionately.

So, now that you know, what all we have within our reach which will help us look and feel younger, do go for it. All these are readily available and will help you in keeping those lines and wrinkles away for a good period of time.

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