Honey is a thick, uncontaminated and unpasteurised sweet golden coloured liquid substance that is being produced by diligent bees. Honey is prepared by means of the nectar procured from the flowering plants which are saved by the bees inside the beehive. Since ages, honey has been considered as a very beneficial foodstuff that has got several medicinal properties.

It is said that honey is extremely rich in beneficial plant compounds that provides many health benefits. It is especially healthy and offers its nutritive qualities when it is been consumed in lieu of refined sugar.

Health Benefits of Honey

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of consuming honey.

  1. Honey Consists of Some Vital Nutrients

As we all know, honey is a golden sweetener, a thick fluid produced by honeybees. So, nutritionally 1 spoon of honey usually consists of:-

  • 64 calories
  • 17 grams of sugar
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Maltose
  • Sucrose
  • Fiber – Nil
  • Fat – Nil
  • Protein – Nil

Honey also comprises of bioactive plant compounds and essential antioxidants content.

  1. Honey is Beneficial In Losing Weight

Several case studies those are associated with the efficacy of consumption of honey has revealed that potentiality of honey to lose those extra pounds accumulated in the body. According to a research been conducted in San Diego State University, it is been found that switching sugar consumption with honey is indeed very beneficial for preventing the unwanted weight gain and is also potent in lessening the amount of blood sugar levels in the body.

Health experts have suggested that intake of honey helps to decrease serum triglycerides. Raw honey has the capacity of stimulating hormones that is capable of quashing the hunger.

  1. Honey Fights Against Pollen Allergies –

Raw honey consists of bee pollen that is potent enough to bid off infectious diseases by providing natural allergy respite and improve the complete immune system. Honey’s capacity to inhibit allergies is built on a theory known as immunotherapy. Let us go into detail. The honeybees fly from flower to flower gathering pollen which is potent to make a person suffer, but while we intake a raw honey, we also intake the local pollen. It is been observed through many case studies that honey is effective in desensitising the pollen allergy.

  1. Honey Provides Energy –

Honey consists of natural sugars, almost about 80%, has a water content of almost 18%, and much more. Honey provides a simply immersed source of energy in the form of glycogen. It is a perfect startup for your morning routine and can be easily used as a post-workout energy stock.

  1. Honey Is Loaded With Essential Antioxidants –

Health experts rigorously recommend to intake honey on a regular basis as it is effective in increasing the levels of health-boosting antioxidants inside the body. Antioxidants are effective in preventing the formation of free radicals within the body which may lead to lethal ailments. Honey is beneficial in stimulating our immune system that serves as a defensive against several diseases.

  1. Honey Improves Your Sleep –

Honey is beneficial in boosting up sleep in two methods. Firstly, by consuming honey prior to bedtime honey replenishes the glycogen stock of the liver and inhibits the brain from stimulating a scarce hunt for fuel that can arouse you from sleep. Furthermore, consuming raw honey imbibes the discharge of melatonin inside the brain by forming a very tiny prickle in the insulin levels that eventually triggers the discharge of tryptophan inside the brain.

Melatonin is quite effective in improving immunity and aids in the renovation of tissue during the time of rest. Honey is evidently a natural sleeping relief as it is able to decrease the danger of many health problems that are occurred due to lack of sleep.

  1. Honey Helps to Prevent Diabetes –

Intake of honey regularly helps to decrease the risk of diabetes to a great extent and aids in the treatment that is been given to cure diabetes. Doctors recommend patients with diabetes to combine raw honey along with cinnamon to get rid of high blood sugar and also bid goodbye to several other ailments.

According to a recent case study been performed in the University of Dubai, honey has been evidently beneficial in decreasing the raise of plasma glucose levels in diabetic patients as compared to dextrose and sucrose. Honey is very essential for our body as it is efficient enough in hiking the insulin and reducing the hyperglycemias.

  1. Honey Can Be Used As a Natural Cough Syrup

Honey has the capacity to cure hooping coughs as compared to the commercial cough syrups that are too much prevalent in markets now-a-days. Modern medical science has evidently claimed that one dose of honey is helpful in diminishing the mucus excretion. It is recommended by health gurus that consuming two teaspoons of honey before going to bed is very beneficial in curing coughs for individuals of any age.

benefits of honey for skin

  1. Honey Helps To Lessen the High Blood Pressure Levels In The Body –

High blood pressure is considered as a major risk factor related to hike heart ailments. Honey has the potential to lessen the risk of the occurrence of heart diseases caused as a result of high blood pressure.

Honey is known to have comprised of antioxidants which have been associated to decrease high blood pressure.

  1. Honey Helps to Develop Good Cholesterol –

Increased level of bad cholesterol is a major risk factor that leads to many heart-related disease. Many case studies have revealed the fact that honey helps to improve good cholesterol levels in your body. It is helpful in eliminating bad cholesterol and thereby raising the level of good cholesterol.

  1. Honey is Efficient In Reducing Triglyceride levels –

One more chief risk factor being attributed for many heart ailments is the certain rise in the levels of triglyceride in the blood content. It is linked to the insulin sensitivity that triggers type 2 diabetes. Triglyceride levels generally elevate in a condition particularly when the meal is rich in sugar. Several studies have shown that consuming honey can be quite efficient in reducing triglyceride levels specifically when it is exchanged with sugar.

  1. Honey Heals Burns And Wounds –

In ancient times, honey has been utilised as a medical substance to cure many wounds and burns, and it is still prevalent in the present era.

A review based on 25 case studies conducted on the efficacy of honey has revealed that honey was most beneficial at curing fractional burns and wounds which have been infected post-surgery. Honey is also considered extremely proficient for curing diabetic foot ulcers which may cause grave medicals complications leading to amputation.

  1. Honey Is Vital For Improving Memory Power –

The sweet golden fluid is rich in vital antioxidants which is potent to inhibit cellular ruin within the brain. Honey’s capacity to assist the body to engross calcium eventually helps in boosting health. Doctors recommend to intake honey along with almonds on a regular basis with your diet in order to sharpen the memory capacity.

  1. Honey Can Be Used to Cure Dandruff Problem –

Honey is said to cure an itchy and flaky scalp caused by dandruff. Dermatologists have found that the antibacterial properties that honey retains have the capacity to fight dandruff and provide a relief to the scalp. It also has anti-fungal properties that honey has is potent to cure seborrheic dermatitis that is developed out of the formation of fungus on the scalp.

  1. Honey Is Extremely Essential To Get Glowing Skin –

Being a great source of antibacterial substance, honey is very effective in curing acne. Since it is loaded with essential antioxidant contents, it is considered and highly recommended for preventing the early signs of ageing.

Honey is undoubtedly a delectable food that can be used as a substitute to sugar for getting optimum health benefits. Always try to avail the best quality, honey.

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