Hey, ladies out there! You might have numerous times heard from your doctor that you have been diagnosed with low estrogen and have ovarian cysts, isn’t it? Well, most of the ladies and girls of young ages especially take this notion of lack of estrogen content in their body with a pinch of salt. People are quite ignorant about the hormonal functions of our body that serves to play many vital roles. Hormones are the benefactors that help to sustain our bodily processes in the proper manner. Intake of estrogen rich foods may be very helpful for maintaining the entire well-being. And contrary to this, if the human body experiences an imbalance of hormones then it will definitely lead to inevitable medical complications.

Most common hormonal problems are inadequate growth, hair loss during young age, effective functioning of male as well female reproductive systems, etc. Hormonal medication becomes necessary when problems like irregular periods, facial hair and smaller breast size in women occurs. So, before it’s too late, raise a toast to those foods which can provide you with the much-needed estrogen content, one of the most crucial hormones in our body.

rich estrogen foods

  1. Garlic – The Commonest Source That Is Rich In Estrogen :

Garlic consists of compounds like isoflavones or phytoestrogens, which are also existent in onions. Consuming garlic on a daily basis will provide you with a power-packed estrogen content. Garlic is beneficial for protecting the heart from several heart-related diseases. Eat at least 4-5 cloves of garlic daily during your mealtime and feel the difference.

  1. Coffee – The Most Sought After Drink :

Coffee is comprised mainly of caffeine, which is said to be potent to enhance the estrogen level in the body. Those women who brew more than 2 cups of coffee per day have been observed to retain a higher amount of estrogen in their body as compared to those who do not drink coffee on a regular basis. Nevertheless, caffeine has absolutely no credit in fertility and ovulation in women candidates. Caffeine aids only in enhancing the estrogen content in the body. Drink coffee in the right manner. Be careful; do not exceed 400 mg of caffeine intake per day.

  1. Dry Nuts And Oily Seeds :

Several case studies have recommended that continuous intake of phytoestrogen-rich foods are very effective for women to stimulate the hormonal functions in their body properly. Though nuts and seeds due to their high-calorie density are avoided for maintaining weight and healthy body as well, but if eaten in a prudent way, the seeds and nuts would be extremely fruitful as they serve to assure the adequate secretion of hormones within the female body. Doctors highly recommend to intake seeds like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, dry pistachios, chestnuts, etc. in order to gain an adequate amount of estrogen content.

  1. Almonds – A Multipurpose Dry Fruit :

Almonds are yet another source that retains the adequate nutrition and is highly loaded with estrogen. Eat few almonds daily, and get yourself nourished with high phytoestrogen content. Almonds are also beneficial for other maintaining healthy skin and lustrous hair.

  1. Herbal Tea – Another Drink To Keep You Healthy :

Now-a-days most of the fitness freak people opt for drinking herbal tea for availing optimum health benefits. Herbal tea for its amazing medicinal properties can be relied upon in order to keep irregular menstrual cycle at bay and hike the level of estrogen content. Simply boil the tea leaves in hot water for a mere 5 minutes and have it as a beverage. Consumption of herbal tea provides many health benefits. Well to mention, black as well as green teas are also considered as types of herbal teas. The tea leaves after preparation of tea can be again used as a natural deterrent to cure puffy eyes.

  1. Millets :

In order to increase lignans in the body, millet has to be consumed regularly. Millet is an estrogen rich food which is very potential in combating cancer. It helps to prevent cancer to some certain extent.

  1. Flax Seeds :

Flax seeds are revered as one of the most beneficial sources of estrogen. Flax seeds have been able to capture the topmost rank among the range of estrogen high foods. Flax seeds are effective in improvising the proper operation of the liver, protects the skin from becoming excessively dry and fragile nails as well.

  1. Soy Foods :

There are many soy products available in the market. The most popular among them is soybean. Soybeans are considered an excellent source of protein and phytoestrogen. Soybeans are highly recommended for women. Soy milk, soy yogurt and soy wheat flour as well can be incorporated into the diet to avail the optimum level of estrogen in the body. Soybean is consumed as a substitute of meat for vegans.

  1. Walnuts :

As it is been said above, many nuts and seeds are beneficial for health. Such a nut is walnut, which is extremely helpful to provide you with the adequate nutrients. Just avail few numbers of walnuts, add it to your meal and get the required nourishment.

  1. Dairy Items:

You may regret not following your mom’s advice to drink milk regularly. Though not so late, have a glass of milk regularly to get the estrogen level high. Paneer, which is internationally termed as cottage cheese, is too rich in estrogen content. These dairy products are excellent sources of protein as well for those people who are vegetarians.

  1. Carrots :

Carrots are well famed owing to their potential for retaining high vitamin A content. Apart from the fact that carrot is rich in vitamin A, it is tremendously loaded with essential antioxidants and estrogen benefactors. Consuming carrots will provide you with a good amount of estrogen and would eventually maintain your health.

  1. Peas :

Peas are highly loaded with phytoestrogen that is responsible in rejuvenating the estrogen content needed for the well-being. Furthermore, peas offer a wide range of health benefits that comprise essential nutrients that are vital for the body.

  1. Beans :

Beans are well-regarded for providing rich protein and dietary fiber too.  Beans are also effective in lessening the high blood cholesterol. It is one of the effective vegetables that is beneficial in providing phytoestrogen content.

  1. Sprouts :

One of the best natural sources of estrogen add-on is sprouts. Immerse a handful of sprouts at night and drain it the next day and eat it. Include sprouts daily in your diet. It comprises a good amount of estrogen and aids in offering estrogen content in the body. It also contains many vital nutrients that provide many health benefits.

  1. Strawberries :

Among the fruitlet kingdom, strawberries are undoubtedly regarded as one of those foodstuffs that are indeed high in estrogen. As if containing estrogen content was not enough though, the strawberries contain a wide array of health benefits such as it provides glowing and hydrated skin and thick hair, boosted vitality, decreases weight, and much more. It is at the same time quite delicious too.

Estrogen is one of the most crucial hormones considered in our body that is potent to render numerous benefits to the human body. It helps to manage the proper development of breasts in females, regulates the menstrual cycle, prevents hair loss, etc. The intake of estrogen rich foods will boost up the hormones to stimulate their functioning and keep of health perfectly well maintained.

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