Being a part of the Cucurbitaceae family, cucumber is one of the most popular “fruit” among the health savvy people. Cucumber is mostly sought after due to its low calories and also being full packed with many vital nutrients in it. It has got certain amazing health benefits. It is one of the most easily available things in the market. One does not need to run insanely in search of it.

It is been proved that eating cucumber leads to many effective health aids. Cucumbers have a mild and refreshing sense of taste. People generally savor cucumbers during the scorching summer season, which provides a great relief in those unbearable hot and sultry days. Cucumbers have been cultivated in India since many ages. It has also been an indispensable part of the Mediterranean food regime.

Cucumbers can be savored in many forms- be it sliced in salad directly as raw form, or it may even be consumed whole as a snack. Cucumbers are also used in manufacturing variety of cosmetic products, as it is famous for rejuvenating the skin.

Nutritive Details:

  • Fat- 0%
  • Cholesterol – 0%
  • Sodium- 1%
  • Protein- 0%
  • Vitamin A- 1%
  • Vitamin C- 2%
  • Carbohydrate- 1%
  • Dietary fiber- 0%
  • Sugar- 0%
  • Calcium- 1%
  • Iron- 1%
  • Magnesium- 10%
  • Potassium- 13%
  • Water content- 95%

Here are some of the important and proven benefits of cucumber.

  1. Loaded With Vital Nutrients :

Popular for its low calories, cucumber retains many other important nutrients in it. The nutrition that it provides is given above. Cucumbers have got almost 95% of water content in it. To get the maximum benefits out of cucumber, consume it without peeling off its skin. Peeling it off will lessen the amount of nutrients present in it.

  1. It Keeps Us Hydrated :

Without water, no living beings can survive. Cucumber is a great source of restoring water content in our body. Water is the most essential need of our body because it plays numerous vital functions to keep us fit and healthy.

Water helps to keep the metabolism steady. Drinking water directly can satisfy the needs of fluidity in our body, but we can avail 40% of the water intake by eating certain foods that are rich in water content. And cucumbers are one of the greatest foods considered for their rich water content.

Since cucumbers are comprised of almost 95% of water, it is very much beneficial at stimulating hydration.

  1. Most Effective for Shedding Extra Pounds :

Cucumbers are very much potent to help you shed off those extra pounds that are accumulated in your body and having difficulty to lose it.

See, they are undoubtedly very low in calories. The amount of calories is almost negligible. This means one can consume abundant cucumbers to fulfill their empty stomach, that too without loading on further additional calories which would eventually increase the weight.

  1. Contains Antioxidants :

cucumber nutrition facts

Antioxidants are those substances which are able to inhibit oxidation, a chemical reaction that is responsible to develop extremely reactive atoms along with disjointed electrons called free radicals. The buildup of these detrimental free radicals can cause various types of chronic ailments.

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and are extremely useful to combat the free radicals. It helps to decrease the risk of occurrence of deadly diseases.

A recent study observed the antioxidant capacity of cucumber by accompanying 30 elders with cucumber powder. It has been noticed that at the end of the study the cucumber powder has made a substantial enhancement in various parameters of antioxidant functions and bettered the antioxidant eminence.

  1. Helps to Soothe Sunburn :

Cucumbers are very much effective to cure the rash sunburns. Just chill the cucumbers slices in the refrigerator. Take out the slices and blend it and make a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the skin affected by sunburn. It will aid to soothe and relax the burning sensation and inflammation naturally. Aloe vera gel can also be added in to it.

  1. Essential For Puffy Eyes :

cucumber benefits for skin

Cucumber slices are a great natural remedy to cure puffy eyes. The vitamin C and caffeic acid present in the cucumber provides the much-needed coolness that works effectively for reducing the puffy eyes.

Just cut a few slices of cucumber and place it over the eyelids. Keep it for 5-10 minutes. Use it on a regular basis.

  1. Cucumber Helps to Revitalize Cardiovascular Health :

As cucumbers contain tons of antioxidants, including flavonoids which are essential in combating many deadly heart diseases. A study has revealed that the seeds of cucumber are beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol and enhancing the good cholesterol.

  1. Helps to Lessen the Occurrence of Cancer :

Cucumbers possess a natural compound lignans. Few preliminary studies have revealed that these natural compounds are able to protect the body from estrogen-related cancers, mainly breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterus cancer and prostate cancer.

  1. Useful in Removing Toxins from Body :

Water is known to be useful to flush out the harmful toxins from our body. As cucumber retains a maximum portion of water content, it is beneficial for flushing out the toxins. Cucumber is believed to cure kidney stones.

  1. Controls High Blood Pressure :

Cucumbers proving a refreshing sense. It is observed that patients having high levels of blood pressure or even fluctuating ones have been benefited to maintain normal blood pressure just by consuming cucumbers regularly.

  1. Essential for Hair Growth and Nails :

Cucumbers contain silica, which is considered as an amazing mineral. It is very useful in making the nails grow stronger and makes the hair shinier. Just add cucumber to your daily diet and get the essential benefits out of it.

  1. Controls Bad Breath :

Putting cucumber slices inside the mouth is found to be useful to get rid of the bad breath that is being caused by the microbes formed in the mouth. It helps to extinguish the extent of bad breadth and prevents our mouth from chronic oral complications.

  1. Aids in Digestion :

benefits of cucumber juice

It is always good to incorporate those foods in the diet that are rich in fiber. And yes, cucumbers are one of those foods. It consists of an enzyme known as “erepsin” which is responsible for optimizing the process of digestion and eventually assists the body to absorb the protein effectively.

  1. Prevents Diabetes :

Researches have proven that cucumbers are very much effective in inhibiting diabetes. Medical experts recommend consuming peels of cucumbers because it helps to maintain a proper blood sugar level. Peels of cucumber are essential to decrease the negative effects of oxidative stress.

Cucumbers are indeed very much invigorating and nutritious and can be easily incorporated into any type of diet. All in all, cucumbers possess a wide range of vital nutrients and are also beneficial for aiding physical and mental health as well.

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