Sweet potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables in the world, though they are a tad bit underrated. Well! They should not be as they are heaped with nutrients which are good for us in a million fold way. Sweet Potatoes do not just offer you an interesting option to have your regular carbs but bring along health benefits with itself which would astound you should you know about it completely. These are normally available in a variety of colours like purple, red and yellow. They can be eaten in any way you prefer be it fried, baked or boiled.

Now, coming to the most important part of the vegetable, the nutritional supplement that it provides is enormous and you will be astounded to know the multifaceted benefits you can reap by having this wonderfully delicious potato. This high fiber packed potato provides you with a lot of reasons why you should be having a regular intake of it. Read on to find out exactly how you can benefit yourself:

sweet potato benefits for men

Rich Source of Vitamin A:

Sweet Potatoes are one of the richest sources of Vitamin A. It is one of the most essential requirements for a healthy living. Especially, in pregnant women and young children, Vitamin A is a vital ingredient for their timely growth and well-being. Vitamin A helps in fighting infections and makes our body strong and resistant to harmful infections. Sweet potatoes contain high levels of beta-carotene (4, 5). This is converted into vitamin A in our body within the livers, with every molecule of beta-carotene produces two molecules of the all-important Vitamin A.

Fight off Diabetes:

Believe it or not, Sweet Potatoes helps you in maintaining your blood sugar levels thus giving you an environment where you can fight off the dreaded Diabetes. Studies have shown that it can regulate instances of insulin resistance thus curbing the occurrence of Diabetes. It is actually the fiber content in the potato which does the magic for us. The magnesium and the all-important fiber content of this wonderful vegetable gives you the chance to escape Diabetes altogether.  With its fabulously low glycemic index, now the regulation of your blood glucose levels is comparatively easier and within your reach!

A Magic Potion for Your Stress Levels:

Yes, you heard that right! Well, this sweet little thing can now keep your stress level in control. The Magnesium level works the wonder for our body. This helps in keeping anxiety and stress at bay. It has already been proved that magnesium deficiency is correlated with our Stress and depression and hence intake of sweet potatoes can help in curbing this. This is also therefore essential for premenstrual women as they experience higher levels of magnesium deficiency. Simultaneously, this also helps in reducing insomnia, especially among the elders. Thus the intake of sweet potato can help in regulating both stress and lack of sleep.

are sweet potatoes fattening

A Big Protection Against Your Ever Dreaded Ulcers And In Regulating Inflammation Within The Body:

Did you now that Sweet Potato contains Choline as well as anthocyanin which helps in controlling inflammation within your body. Choline acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which helps in monitoring any inflammations occurring within the body. It has been also noticed that extracts from the Sweet Potato can also help you in recovering from Ulcers and other wounds in your stomach. Ulcers, in general, can be extremely painful and this can be greatly reduced if a proper intake of Sweet Potato is made on a regular basis. Thus, Gastric ulcers can be now be managed in a much better way owing to the fantastic properties the sweet potatoes have.

Reduces Your Chances Of Confronting Cancer And Cardiovascular Diseases:

There is a certain component in Sweet Potatoes called Beta- Carotene, this helps in managing the risk of the most dreaded Prostrate Cancer among men. Additionally, this also helps in managing the risk of Breast and gastric Cancer as well. The high Polyphenol content helps in reducing the risk of growth of Cancer cells. This obstructs the growth of the harmful cells thus reducing your susceptibility towards Cancer. It is again these same properties which ensure that with every intake of Sweet Potato you are guarding yourself against Cardiovascular Diseases. There is a high ranging scavenging activity of the Sweet Potato which means a high level of antioxidants. This means that you now have a fairer chance of controlling cardiovascular diseases.

Get A Glowing Skin And Keep Your Hair Healthy And A Fair Eyesight:

It is common knowledge that Vitamin C and Vitamin E works miracles for both Hair and skin. Guess What! Sweet Potato has both in abundance along with Vitamin A. This is really good news for all those who want a natural upkeep of their hair and skin. Our skin which gets affected by the harsh UV rays can become better if you feed it with proper doses of Vitamins. The Vitamins are not only good in terms of damage control but also ensure that your skin does not age easily. Vitamin A also works miracles for people in terms of vision. Since the sweet potato is such a storehouse of the Vitamin, you can now be rest assured that eyes will be taken care of. So there! Go and get your regular intake of the cute little Potatoes to ensure that you look your best for the longest time.

Get Rid Of Digestion Issues:

Digestion issues becoming common every day is a serious problem that we need to confront. Well, here’s the Sweet Potato with its high fiber content that does wonders for your digestion.  High Fiber ensures that you have a clean and healthy digestive tract which leads to a happy digestive system.

sweet potato benefits weight loss

Give A Boost To Your Memory And To Your Weight Loss Program:

Sweet Potatoes additionally help in boosting up your memory because of the antioxidants present in it which are also considered good for memory retention. Sweet Potatoes are also good news for you if you are looking forward to a diet which will help in reducing your weight. It is because of the high fiber content that a sweet potato is an ideal component of a diet when you are looking forward to lose your weight in a systematic manner.

Helps in Boosting Fertility:

It is common knowledge that Iron is an essential component when you start planning your family. For women, it is indeed an ingredient which is all essential. Sweet Potatoes are a store house of Iron and thus helps in improving the fertility. Sweet Potatoes which are an abundant source of Vitamin A also help in increasing the productive ability.

Now, that we have listed all these gorgeous reasons for having this Sweet little Potato, we encourage you to go and include it in your diet and reap all the good benefits it showers on you!

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